14 December 2013

Glossybox December box 2013

I really like this design of box as it is really festive.

The paper is very nice too and I like that we got some say in this and the box.

I have to admit when I opened my box I wasn't exactly wowed by this box as the first thing I saw was a razor. For this is would not really be a beauty item and it amused me that they see this as a beauty item. This time of the year no one will see my legs anyhow as I like them white and pink and not blue.... brrrrrrrr!

The first item in my box is the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care razor. To be honest I use disposable razors on a day to day basis so this is a bit of a gift to me as I don't tend to look at these types of razors as there are so many and I am easy confused. I like that this has aloe vera and vitamin E as my skin is easily irritated so I am careful with what I use.
I am looking forward to using this to be honest, which is an odd thing to admit.
The rrp of this is £6.49, which is comparable to other types of these razors and the price is another reason why I find it hard to justify as I would rather add to my nail varnish or skin care stash.
An unusual but not unwanted item to be honest.

The second item is the Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Nude Lip Gloss in a 4ml sample size. It is a lip gloss in a browny peach nude colour and is highly pigmented. It is a little sticky but a lot of lip glosses are, although the leaflet from Glossybox says it isn't sticky. I quite like the colour but at the moment I have lip glosses coming out of my ears and I much prefer the MeMeMe stain I had from Glossybox a few months ago with Dr. Lipp over it when I go out and only Balm Balm when I stay in.
I am glad it is Cruelty free and it has very pretty packaging.
The sample is worth £4.

The third item is Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap in 18-in-1 Unscented Baby Mild Pure Castille soap. Wow what a huge title for such an odd product in my beauty box. I have seen it before as I have watched the American beauty videos on youtube and to be honest I am as surprised to see it in my box as they were to see it in their boxes as I tend to buy this type of product with my groceries at Asda and pay little attention to what I buy.
Looking at the leaflet, geek that that I am, makes me curious to look into it further as it is biodegradable and vegetable based with organic oils and it is fair trade. It is also great for those with allergies and sensitive skin.
This is a 50ml sample and is worth about £1.16.

The fourth item is a 14ml Seche nail lacquer in the shade 'Scorchin' Hot' and oh my it is exactly that. A true cherry red. I like my nail varnishes and this one would please my husband as he loves me in these types of cherry red colours and to be honest I love them too as they bring attention to my tiny hands and are especially great with a vampy lip.
I haven't heard of this brand but according to the leaflet it gives one coat coverage and a satin smooth finish.
as normal I'll let you know when I try it on as I can't at the moment as I am wearing some of my Ciate from my advent calendar.
This product costs £9.95.

The fifth and final product in the box is the Maybelline New York Volum' Express Colossal Smoky Eyes Mascara in the shade 'Smoky black'.
I seem to be in a funny mood today and I remarked on how large the mascara is. It fits really well in even my tiny hands though as it  is ergonomically shaped for use.
The brush head seems a bog standard shape, a shame after the bulbous shaped one I got in my soap and glory bag yesterday, but there are a lot of bristles in it which might aid adding volume. According to the packaging it shouldn't give clumps and should give 'Instant volume smoky lashes'.
That was a great applicator and it did do what they claimed and I love it as there was no smudging and my lashes look incredible with no clumping.
The product is full sized, complete with store packaging, and has a rrp of £7.99.

All in all, a very nice box but i have to admit I really would have fancied something chocolate in either this or Birchbox. There is nothing in the box that I wouldn't use and I like that they are mostly new brands to me and I would probably search these products out after seeing and using them.



  1. I've not received mine as yet. I already use the intuition razoe because it is quick and easy - I have the exact same one. I guess I can use the blade as a refill at least! I don't wear lip gloss or red nail polish. I also don't wear black mascara because it's too harsh on my fair skin. I'm not having much luck with this month's beauty boxes. I think I'll have to cancel :(

    1. i think some peoples boxes are different from mine. hopefully yours will be

  2. Ooh I think this is also a fab box, can't wait to get mine x
    Beautyqueenuk xx