19 December 2013

Yay, december degustabox came...

The first degustabox came today and I was surprised as I was expecting two, one I won on a blogger comp, and expecting them tomorrow so a bit win lose today. The other one is probably not far behind and will be extremely useful this time a year as food is always good to have and free food is so much better.

Degustabox is a bit different from the other food boxes out there as it is a bit cheaper than the competition at £9.99 a box plus p & p and it contains household names. This one has Oxo, Bisto, Belvita, Bavaria, Levi Roots, Drink me chai, Yu! and Green and Blacks in it and I will be able to buy them again as I can afford them and get them easily. More info on them can be found here and although this months box was revealed ahead of time next months will be a surprise and I am quite happy about that especially if the value carries on being this amazing.

When I opened my box I was really happy it was stuffed full and that made me happy as sometimes they are a bit empty and this was a substantial size and still full.

The first item in my box is 4 of Bisto's Chef's Specials Gravies. I have all four of the ones in the range in my box and that is great as it varies them slightly and it is easier to see which ones I like the best. In the box I received Chicken with Sage and Onion, Lamb with a twist of mint, Caramelised Onion and Beef with Cracked Pepper.
Great for hubby to use when he makes us a roast or lamb chops and a great staple to have in our cupboards.
The rrp on these is £0.89 each so I get £3.56 of product.

These are 2 of the Yu! Granola Fruit Mini clusters and the first thing I opened as I really fancied trying as I really enjoy that type of snack and they aren't as bad as chocolate for my son as they are more calorie controlled and at least these have real fruit and yoghurt in them and I received the strawberry as well as the mango varieties.
The Yu! Granola and Mango bar as incredibly creamy and lovely and although he normal prefers fruit to even chocolate or sweets they got two thumbs up from my darling son. Also a great snack for momma as they are only 97 calories.
These have a rrp of £2.25 each so they are worth £4.50.

The next thing are two Levi Roots products and I am over the moon to get these as I love his Reggae Reggae Sauce as I love spice on my food and I am pretty sure these Jerk sauce products will be as good.
In this box I received Levi Roots Smoky Jerk and Levi Roots Jerk Chicken Paste.
The smoky jerk is worth £1.99 and the chicken paste £1.49 so this is £3.48 of product.

The next item is 100g of Green and Blacks Dark Chocolate as a thank you from Degustabox for ordering their first box and for Christmas. It is much appreciated as I love chocolate and neither Edward nor Paul likes it so I get it all to myself.
These are £2 at Tesco online.

The next items were two packets of belvita Breakfasts and ones I haven't tried before. I used to eat these before I went paleo and changed back due to migraines and I will enjoy trying these. I got these in Cocoa and Duo Crunch and have heard the duo Crunch ones are lovely so I will report back once I test them for myself.
The cocoa has a price of £2.59 and the duo crunch was a price of £2.79 so this is £5.38 of breakfast.

The next two products are Bisto Chicken Stock Melts and a Oxo Shake and Flavour. We will probably keep the shake and bake and take the melts to my in laws as they cook us roasts on a Sunday and I know they use these. I have a feeling my husband has used the shake and flavour before and I like these sorts of things as they give an intense flavour to your food so it isn't bland.
The price of the Stock Melts is £1.89 and the shake and flavour is £1.39.

Next is three low and non alcoholic drinks from the Bavaria brand. I look forward to drinking these as I rarely drink as I don't like the feeling of alcohol in my system. I particularly look forward to the zesty Lemon Radler but will also enjoy the lemon and lime lager shandy and the non alcoholic beer.
According to the leaflet these are £1.50 each so £4.50 in drinks.

The final item is the Spiced Chai Latte by Drink Me Chai. I have to admit I am more of a tea person but I might well try this to see how it tastes as it is only add milk or water so it is easy to do. The rrp on this is £2.20.

So these are all the products in the first Degustabox and I personally think this is amazing value as they are worth £28.11 if I have my maths right. I look forward to next months box and if you want more details you can find them here..

I got the second, and strangely the third, the following day and I am loving the products (update 31rd dec)


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