18 January 2014

Yves rocher order

Had a terrible night with the toddler last night and having a rotten time with Boots so I needed something to cheer me up and this Yves Rocher order did that. I have to admit Yves Rocher can take a while to deliver from the time of order but it is always worth that wait as I love their products as does my family. 

This is what came today and for twenty pence over ten pounds it is a lot of bang for your buck.Sadly their Collection Cacao range seems to have disappeared though and that makes me sad but I will definitely try their other products in the future.
So what did I buy?

This first item is the Collection Cacao Cacao & Orange Perfumed shower gel. This smells exactly like the Terrys Chocolate Oranges and I love to use it in my little one's baths as they do nice bubbles and smell divine. This was in a pack with the Teddy, pictured below, and together they cost £4.45.

This is a duplicate for my Collection Cacao Cacao and Raspberry Perfumed Shower Gel that is almost finished. I had one of their Sparkling Shower Gels with the same smell as well as one of these in my last order. Edward really loves the container of that product, and calls it a space ship, so I have bought another one of these to refill the spaceship and because they smell divine and bubble up nicely in Edward's bath. This cost £1.95.

Next are also duplicates of a product I have already had and these are the first ever product I tried from Yves Rocher and were in my November Glossybox and I fell in love instantly with the smell and how soft they made my hands. These are the Collection Cacao Cocoa & Pistachio Hand Creams and I am so relieved I ordered these just before they disappeared from the site and have enough to tide me over for a while.

Next is Mr Teddy who is currently on holiday at my in laws as Edward fell in love with him and took him with him when we left the house this afternoon. I was going to clip him to my Kipling bag but I really don't think that will happen now as he is now my son's toy.

These were my three free samples in this order. I received the Minceur Intensive anti cellulite dimpled skin soother in a 30ml form, worth about £5.70, as well as two foil samples, one is the Monoi eau de toilette and the other is the Anti-age global night cream.

As well as the three free samples I get to choose a free gift from three options and I choose mystery gift two that had this product and the next product in it. This is the Tradition de Hammam Nourishing argan balm which is a body balm scented with orange blossom. At the moment this is going in my stash so I can't give a review.
I have never used argan anywhere but in my hair but I look forward to using this product as my skin can get a little dry at times.
It has a full price of £23.50.

The last product and my other part of my free gift was the Tradition de Hammam Oriental velvety skin scrub.   I might give this to someone else as it looks luxurious and I rarely use scrubs as I have no shower in my house.
It has a full price of £23.50.

As normal Yves Rocher is slower than some companies on delivery but the products are well worth it. I was a little sad the Sparkling Shower I ordered with this order was unavailable but it isn't the end of the world. As normal the products are great and I will probably look at ordering again when my stash has a little less in it.

More info on Yves Rocher uk can be found here and I would definitely recommend their products from my own experience.


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