23 January 2014

Glossybox January 2014

My glossybox arrived today a few days after everyone else, who received theirs on Tuesday. Guess I was part of the second wave. So, the lovely Hermes lady delivered before nine today and I decided to do a review straight away as hubby is in bed and I am looking after Edward until one before we go out as hubby was on nights.

Better late than never

I have to admit after looking at the comments on Facebook I was really dreading this box as in general it has been badly received and none of the products in it can really be described as luxury, in the case of their boxes anyway. Just hoping I don't have the Vaseline tbh. 

They were right in the fact that the box is bigger and glossier but what is inside my box?

Glossier mag

First thing I saw when opening the box was the glossy magazine. It does seem more luxe than normal and I hope they don't think that improving the magazine will get them the benefit of the doubt for having bad boxes from now on, because it won't as these boxes are about the products.

Pretty ribbon

There is a new ribbon too that is branded and seems longer and thicker. My little boy has claimed that and is trying to put it in my his hair like Minnie Mouse at the moment. He loves my boxes tbh and I really have to watch him as he steals my creams then spreads the paper 'worms' all over the house for me to clean up...

Anyway, I drift off topic and bore you. What is in my January 2014 Glossybox? Did I get the Vaseline or will I be pleasantly surprised?

Contents of my box

These are my contents and I am surprised I got no Vaseline. Looking at the products grouped together I am not really really excited as I was with the Birchbox or my notanotherbill box this month or my degustabox last month but I am not upset either. So what products were there in this grouping and what did I think?

Yu-Be cream

The first product is two samples of Yu Be cream. This cream has a strange medicinal smell on application that would definitely clear the sinuses and a strange yellow and waxy consistency but the wariness means a little goes a long way. 
The smell also disappears after application so it has no real unpleasant odour. It left the back of my hand quite smooth. I quite like it tbh but I love my skin food so it would take a miracle product to replace that, especially as it is currently helping me with a really horrid eczema patch on my hand.
This cream costs £13.50 for 33g and we have 6g so that is worth about £2.50.

Big one is from youbeauty advent calendar

The next product I received in my box was 50ml of the balanceMe super toning body wash. As you can see I already have a larger sample of this from my advent calendar from youbeautydiscovery, in fact I have two. I might try this little one in the bath as the big ones are sealed as I don't use body washes in general as I only have a bath in my house. 
This smells really zingy and I will probably use Edwards snowman, see my body shop order if you are curious, to apply it. 
I have to admit I love the balanceMe oils for my face and if this is a similar quality I will be very happy.
This costs £10.25 for 250ml so the sample is worth £2.05.


Faulty seal on one

Next is two sachets of the anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer wake up under eye patches. I opened the cardboard box to have a horrid surprise. 
One of the sachets has popped open on one side and is leaking all over it's twin and preceded to leak all over me. Looking at it it looks like the seal wasn't done properly. Was a bit of a surprise to be squirted at, but as a mother nothing shocks.
No idea what these are like but will tell you after I use my one sample. Have emailed glossybox about this and will update when I get a reply.
These costs £6 for three so my sample is worth £2 as one is useless.

The ones at the top are from the advent calendar and the ones below are the glossybox ones.

Next are a pair of The vintage cosmetic company tweezers and as you can see I already have some from my youbeautydiscovery advent calendar, I have two in fact, but these are really cute with a floral pattern on the back. They are super cute and maybe when I can work out tweeting my eyebrows I will use them.
They are full sized and worth £8. I just wish they had been boxed like advent calendar ones.

Peel off masks.

My last products are by montagne jeunesse and are a set of two face masks. The first is the pulped pomegranate passion peel off mask and the second is a deep cleansing blemish mud with aloe juice for blemish prone skin.
Is it wrong that two £1.09 masks make me happy?
I really look forward to using these.
This sample is 2x full sized masks and worth £2.18.

All in all, an okay box despite the squirting eye masks. Was pleasantly surprised to get face masks and hoping next month is better for all. A bit muh but not terrible and sadly I couldn't do a long moaning post. Contents worth just over sixteen pounds so not great value but not less than I paid.


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