26 January 2014

Getting the bzz again.

I am my mothers child... Hardly a surprising fact but one none the less. When I grew up my mother loved a bargain and I am exactly the same. Auntie Bitty says my grandma was the same. For me the words 'sale', 'bargain' or 'free' are beacons, but if you have read my blog a bit you can tell that.
Something for nothing is even better.

I have recently signed up to be a bzzagent again and a few days ago I was offered my first campaign. I will be sent two free compressed deodorants and I am really excited as bzz campaigns used to be lots of fun when I did them years ago. Can't wait.

If you want to join too more info can be found Here and as it is free to join and potentially you get free stuff for only giving your truthful opinion on free stuff and doing surveys.
A great thing if you like a bargain like me.


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