7 January 2014

Nonabox December 2013

To say that I am irritated with Nonabox would be an understatement. I received one box in September then decided to resign up in October for three months despite them having major delivery issues in that first month. 

I am really glad this will mark my last box as I have had nothing but issues with November and December is epically late and after I looked at the surveys on their site for what I would get I wasn't really assured of the value.

They are also saying that the delivery issues are down to Fedex but to be honest I don't believe them as Fedex managed to get my Philosophy stuff to me from the states in less than a week.

When I opened I say this and really don't see the sentiment as I am deep in cold at the moment and I very much doubt the contents will make me merry. Additionally, Christmas was almost two weeks ago.

These are the contents this month.  The box is half full and looks extremely uninspiring. I really got more excited by going to Boots to buy Strepsils yesterday.
So what is in my box?

Two packs of Zinplex Junior Immune Booster with one being Diabetic Friendly.
The one thing I don't really worry about with Edward is Vitamin supplements. Especially not vitamin C. He drinks watered down juice and prefers fruit to chocolate and has a varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. If he was fussy I would probably use it or if he breastfeeding I might use it but he is neither and to be honest I don't know this brand and I am quite fussy with medications as I don't really know what   is in these as I couldn't see an ingredient list so couldn't assess level of sugar in these.
According to their online shop these are £7 each but I don't think I'd pay that.

Next are a pair of Imago Dei swimming shorts in the size 18 to 24mths and I really question the inclusion of these as they are tiny and it is bitter cold outside. I had looked at these online ahead of time and looking at them now I wouldn't pay their prices as they feel and look cheap to me and at the swimming pool when Paul takes him swimming we use a swimming nappy and a reusable swimming nappy over the top.
Definitely an odd choice and they feel like you pay for the name not the product to me.

Next was two packets of these strawberry and apple nibbly fingers. I like these as they are all natural with no  added salt or sugar and are organic. We have bought these before and might again, although he eats mainly fruit and crudite stuff as snacks. These are £2.29 each.

Additionally there is one pack of the mangoes and carrots nibbly fingers. These are the same as above but in a different flavour and also £2.29 each.

Finally there is a really cute book from Emma Dodd called Me... It is really nice and I look forward to reading this with my son but to be honest it is rather sad this is the only exciting thing in my box. Can currently be bought for £3.74 from Amazon.

All in all a poor box with late contents. I wouldn't subscribe again but that is merely my opinion and people can make their own judgement.


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