22 January 2014

Body shop sale shop

A sale at the body shop is a truly dangerous thing. Following this, my boots shops and a jewellery shop I am now on a shopping amnesty, except beauty and sub boxes I already sub to, as I have been abusing my hubby's card too much and it is getting upset. I also have a large stash of beauty products so I won't run out any time soon.
With a 40% discount on even their sales items and free delivery on orders over £4 it is very hard to say to say no to purchasing, although I will have to until my birthday in March.
So this is my last body shop purchase in a while.
So, what did I buy?

This first product I purchased was the cranberry joy hand wash. This smells strongly of cranberries and is from their Christmas range so is in their sale at the moment. I have been after nice smelling hand washes for my bathroom and kitchen for a while so when I saw this and the next item in the sale I had to have them as they are scents you can only really get around the Christmas period in this country.

This product is another hand wash and is the Ginger sparkle one. It smells very strongly of ginger beer, rather than gingerbread and will probably be used by the sink in the kitchen as I will used it less than the cranberry one. 
I have to admit after Edward's pregnancy where I craved ginger beer madly for a month straight and drinking can after can of diet ginger beer I have to drink it sparingly so this hand wash will have to be used in the same way, despite it smelling incredible.

The next two products were contained in a bauble that my son has claimed and is currently playing with, Currently Spreading yellow paper packing all over the floor for me to pick up later. 
The bauble contained 50ml of their mango body butter and 10ml of their mango lip butter, which smells amazing and is really moisturising on the lips and could give my balm balm a run for it's money. Also tastes nice, which a definite bonus.

Next is the cranberry joy shower gel and it smells exactly the same as the hand wash. I will probably use this for my son's baths as it smells so nice and should work well as a bubble bath.

The last item was bought to wash my son and to replace the crinkly fabric thing that we are currently using. This is the Snowman wash ball and he is ever so cute with tiny eyes and a 3d nose. Edward has already tried to claim him as a toy but is now telling me about it's purpose, telling me 'it is used for cleaning me'. Let's hope he provides Edward with fun for some time to come.

So that was my body shop order than cost a few pence over ten pounds. Really great for all I got as it smells amazing and was a fraction of the original prices.

A great bargain 


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