29 January 2014

Degustabox January 2014 (may contain spoilers)

My second degustabox has arrived today and I am extremely excited. I really loved my December box and I hope this ones as exciting as the last one.

As before the box has brown paper in it and thankful no polystyrene bullets or paper 'worms' that Edward can spread all over my house as he does with my beauty boxes.
So what is in my box?

The first item is two packets of Goody Good Stuff sweeties. I have had these before in other food boxes and really like them. These sweets are gelatin free, fat free, dairy free, gluten free and have all natural colours and flavours. I got them in Tropical fruit and sour mix and match.
I really look forward to eating these and one packet was opened when they arrived and sadly Edward, mr savoury generally, likes them too as might have to hide them when he isn't looking.
These are worth £3 for the two packs.

The second item is the Zico coconut water chocolate. I really love coconut water and drank it a lot when I dieted prior to Edward but unfortunately I don't really like this and I am not too fussy on my drinks. It was overly sweet to me and I have a sweet tooth.
I might buy the plain one but not this one.
This has a rrp of £2.

The next item is the go! Kombucha fermented raw tea china white smooth & fragrant. This is a low calorie and natural alternative to a fizzy drink. I like ice tea and this one has a real kick to it but tastes really nice. I like it a lot although the taste is not one I am accustomed to.
This has a rrp of £2.19.

The next item is a can of Amy's kitchen chunky tomato soup. It is an organic soup that is wheat and dairy free. I might enjoy this as I like tomato soup and it would also be great for all the family as it is all natural. 
This has a rrp of £1.69.

Next is a pack of Lasagna Garo Lalo and this has come at a perfect time for me as it is lasagne night tonight and I will use this instead of the Asda one in my cupboard, I like that it is authentically Italian. 
This seems to be an extra in my box and has such good time. Thank you mrs or mr degustabox for that as I can use it tonight.

Next are two packets of so juicy by Maggi and a packet of so tender by Maggi. I really like the bags are included in these so they are no fuss and will really enjoy using these as they are the sort of thing we would buy if they were on promotion in Asda. I have them in so tender Italian herbs chicken, so juicy Mexican chicken and so juicy sticky BBQ for chicken.
I especially look forward to the BBQ... Yum yum.
These cost 99p and at that price I would buy again. So they are worth £2.97.

Next is a packet of Jules Destrooper butter crisps. These look like fancy pants biscuits and not something we would normally buy. They seem fairly natural when I look at the ingredient lists and would be great to snack on.
Not something I normally buy but nice to try.
This has a rrp of £1.19 and look really expensive. Very impressed.

Next is a packet of Alice & Oscar's quinola mother grain express quinoa in pearl & black quinoa. I know will definitely use these as we love quinoa but rarely eat so it will be a great addition to bring some variation in our diets. 
Wow, the ingredient list is great with only four ingredients so I am happy by the purity of the product and if I like it I will definitely look out for it in store.
This has a rrp of £2.55.

The last item in the box is a packet of Dorset cereals berry granola. I love this but rarely buy it as it is on the costlier item range for this so I love this as an addition on the box, especially as Paul will definitely eat it too.
A really great item that makes the box feel high end.
This has a rrp of £3.79.

This is a great box, although feels a lot more gourmet than the first so I was surprised. Bar the chocolate drink I would probably buy these sort of items at the supermarket. 
I really look forward to the February box. Bring on more boxes I say.
The contents, not including the lasagna, have a rrp total worth of £19.38 which I am very happy with.

More info on this box is here and according it to site by signing up with it you get a fiver off your first box and I get some points so it is win win for us both if you like what you see and want to sign up.


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