25 January 2014

Dotcomgiftshop jewellery sale

My dotcomgiftshop sale order came yesterday but I missed it, as I was at the in laws, so Paul ran off to collect it this morning, while Edward stayed behind and mugged my poor teddy bears. 
I got some jewellery from this online site as it was 90% off the rrp and I wanted some fashion jewellery to wear day to day to cheer me up and I love a bargain so I thought why not. 
So what did I get, how much did it cost and what was it like?

The first order I received was the Montana cluster necklace for £2.29.
When worn it dips down into the bust line with a pronounced V of beads. It is really funky with an assortment of beads in an assortment of colours. A real statement piece and a great bargain for the price. I particularly love the rose beads away from the main beads as they are so feminine and delicate. 
I would definitely purchase again and have wore this today and really love it.

The next item I ordered was the pink mini crystals necklace for £1.19.
This is made from sequins and beads and is really funky and flirty. It dips low and is very very long. It would be great with black clothes as it would add a large splash of individual style and some colour.

The next thing I bought was the Ivory Gold Metal Bag Charm for £1.19.

As you can see it looks great on my bag and monkey looks thrilled with it. It made a great contrast against the pink and jingle jangles when I walk.

The next thing was the Pink Glass Charm bracelet for £2.19.
It has some beautiful charms among the beads that include a cupid, a heart and a leaf and it is really feminine and funky. The beads seem really good quality and it is a real bargain for the price.

The next item is the Crystal Hoop Earrings for 69p, yes, that is correct 69p. 
They hang slightly and have a crystal stone resting above a tiny metal flower. They are really pretty and after a very long period of not wearing earrings I wore they today and I really loved them. They made me happy and look great and definitely don't look cheap. I love that they look great as that means the bargains is even more amazing. 
They make me think is that I need more earrings, and that is bad due to my spending ban atm. 

The next item is the Red Enamel Flower Ring that was purchased for 69p. 
It has a simple copper adjustable band which is attached to this amazing red enamel flower. I absolutely love the way it looks on my dinky hand and would pay the rrp as it is so fun and funky as a piece of costume jewellery.

The last item in my order is the Green Enamel Flower Ring that was also 69p. 
It is identical too the red one but in a different colour. It is equally beautiful when I want to wear a different colour and aren't in a red or pink mood.

Postage on the site under £50 was £2.95 so my order was under twelve pounds, which was a complete bargain in my eyes. Postage was fast with my order received in less than a week.
Everything will be worn again and seems substantial. I especially love the earrings and the rings. I have wore three items, the Montana necklace, the red flower ring and the earrings today and I felt they added something to my outfit. I would love more of the rings and hope they are still on sale in March so I can buy more.

More information on the company can be found here and atm there is a lot in the sale with jewellery still 90% off.
Such a great bargain.

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Hope you are having a lovely day.


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