27 January 2014

Greenland products... fresh scents, natural extracts, incredible products

Greenland sent me some products to review this week and I am very happy to write this review as the products they sent me are incredible. 
Free or purchased for cash by myself, I will always offer my honest opinion, bad or good, and like to be able to recommend with a clear conscience.

Greenland are a company that are dedicated to producing bath and body products that are based on natural and organic ingredients. For me this gives me extra assurance as both me and my son do seem to get mild allergies to some chemicals in products and as well as that both Paul and I suffering from mild eczema. 

I knew very little about this brand prior to receiving the products and doing this review so that the products could 'talk for themselves'.

The first product I received was the Pure & White certified organic BODYlotion VITALIZING lime & vanilla.
First thing I noticed with this product, obviously, is the packaging and the way it is applied. It is a pump applicator and this means it is easier to regulate the amount of product that it gives you so none will go to waste and your money goes further and the product lasts longer.

The product is quite thick and this means a little goes a long way. To me, it smells like what I would imagine a lime cocktail, one with a lovely paper umbrella, would. I love citrus so I am in heaven as this makes me think of exotic places and beach holidays and makes some of my winter blues abate. 
Anything product that does that is a star product to me.
This has a rrp of £12.95 for 150ml.

The second product I received was the hand cream mint-lavender. The packaging is sturdy and practical yet quite pretty. I really love the metal pot as it is ideal to go in my handbag so I can use it out and about as it very cold at the moment in the UK, although I know some countries are having a worse time than we are at the moment.
Sadly the cold also makes my eczema act up and this product will be great for that as it is so moisturising.

I loved the almost whipped cream texture of this hand cream. 
It sank into the skin effortlessly and the mint smells made me grown with love for the smell. It is a really pure mint smell to me and I love that the lavender is only a undertone.
This has an rrp of £6.95 for 50ml and after the spending ban I am on atm I will definitely buy the lime vanilla one as I want one to match my body lotion as I need more of that scent in my life.

The third product is the fruit extracts raspberry shower gel. I have no shower but I have used this for my son's bath tonight. 
It has no parabens and no artificial colour ants and tells me it is made from just extracts. 
The scent is a pure raspberry scent and I love that it doesn't smell artificial, as some products do as they have articial scents added to them. 
A definite bonus that they are Ph balanced too as they will be gentle on the skin.
The rrp on this is £5.95 for 200ml which is comparable to mid range shower gels and seems good value as the scent sticks and a little goes a long way and bubbled nicely.

So, in conclusion, I really love to discover new brands and products and these are a great discovery for me. They all smell amazingly fresh and they smell like they are labelled and they don't smell overly sweet or artificial. I will definitely buy from them again and especially love their hand creams.

More info can be found on this brand here.

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