11 January 2014

First notanotherbill package... I'm in love

Hubby signed me up to this box Just after Christmas and I really looked forward to getting it as I secretly wished for some more jewellery or bags, although as I got to pick two I picked gentleman's apparel for hubby to make it possible for him to get something.

This is my second box of January and the outer box is ever so pretty.

Inside was a letter addressed to me and of course this was pushed out of the way without me reading it so I could see the goodies within.

It felt so Alice in Wonderland to pull the leaflet off and find another smaller box and for a minute I wondered if it was worth it for another month.

But inside was a beautiful ring and I think my eyes lit up with lust as it was so beautiful.

As you can see it is a beautiful pinky ring for me but it is adjustable. It is a 14k gold plated brass wishbone ring which retails on the Astrid & Miyu website for £29 here so I am stoked to get it for £18.

Such a great subscription service and more info on Notanotherbill can be found here if you want to have a nose yourself and join up.

Now I'm off to look at the Astrid & Miyu site,


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