26 January 2014

Comparison photos January 2014 beauty box photos....

People always ask me which box I recommend and I always answer honestly but to be honest it is hard to answer as every person wants something different from beauty boxes as we are all, thankfully, different. 
So, instead, this month I have decided to give quick round up pictures and basic descriptions of the five boxes.
Also included links to the review of the box. 

First is my least expensive at £6.95 and this is the youbeautydiscovery box. I didn't get a total for this box but it was probably worth at least double the box cost. It tends to be really good value every month, although this has been my least favourite month so far. Also included this month was a foil sample and a sample of pop chips.

Next is my glossybox box. Not included in this pic is one eye bag slayer, that burst, and 50ml of balanceMe super toning body wash. Contents worth around £16.

This is my Souksouk box. It was my first box by this brand and it was really good. Contents worth £21.50.

This is my birchbox. It had a really good selection but only make up product was the primer. The contents were worth £22.80.

The last box is my love Me Beauty box and was the one with the most selection. The contents were worth £37.79.

So there are my five beauty boxes this month. Some more vary from person to person but those are mine. Roll on February and I can't wait for my food box in a few days. 


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  1. I just signed up for Love Me Beauty based on this recommendation, thanks!

    Wantable has launched in the UK, finally! :D

    1. Cool. I am waiting for my second box free code ATM then will sign up.