17 January 2014

ESPA advent calendar spend

This is my ESPA order that I ordered yesterday with my voucher from my advent calendar. The voucher meant that I only had to pay for the postage so it was a good deal.

Inside the box was 13g of the Nourishing Cleansing Balm in a really beautiful pot that has the trademark rose ESPA smell and I look forward to using and my two free samples which were 7ml of the Super Active Lift and Firm Moisturiser and 7ml of the 24 hour replenishing moisturiser. These samples will be great for taking away and the balm will be great to use as it will last a while as you get a lot of uses per gram of a balm opposed to a cream.

So there is my ESPA order. How are you today? You tried and loved anything from ESPA?


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