10 January 2014

Magazine subscription free gifts

I have to admit I rarely read magazines but I always look at the magazines in the supermarket and feel a little confused. I am in an in-between stage in my life as at 31 I don't want the teen mags and neither want the lady mags either so decided to try three magazines out on trial deals that included free gifts too. Two of the three free gifts arrived today and here they are.

My first magazine free gift is 30ml of Jour Pour Femme by Hugo Boss for signing up for 3 issues of Tatler for £6. It has an RRP of £35 and is a beautiful grown up floral scent. The bottle is beautifully feminine.
It reminds me a little of Hugo Boss Woman but has enough difference that I can wear it. I received Hugo Boss Woman from an ex at Christmas when I was younger and I still can't wear the scent as it upsets me how much he hurt me when we ended. I love it but the heartbreak isn't worth it. I might love this one as much and at least it doesn't come with horrid memories.

The second free gift was for getting three issues of company for £3 and was three body shop gifts.
The first gift was the slanted kabuki brush from the body shop and this is an extremely soft brush that retails on their site at £16 and is new. It is really close texture and gave me a great coverage when I used it this morning with my Rimmel Wake me up Foundation.
Like the rest of the body shop brushes it is amazing quality.

Next product in the gift was the shimmer waves palette in Coral. These would be great for both eyes and cheeks and are highly pigmented with a great shimmer. All the colours are muted but give a good variation in colour. This costs £16 in the body shop store and there is quite a lot of product in there as it is 8.5g.

The final product is the lightening touch Universal Radiance and it is a great concealer. I really love my So Susan water based luminizer but it has a more bronzing effect when used as highlighter whereas this one is lighter and gives a pinker glow along with the sparkle that all highlighters tend to give. I may well substitute this one during the winter and start using my So Susan in the summer. This costs £14 too.

So all in all while I am trying to find a magazine that suits me these trial offers are amazing as I also get to try out new products. I love them all too which is a real bonus and I hope I love the mags as much.


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