22 January 2014

Love Me Beauty January 2014

This is my January Love ME Beauty box. It actually arrived Saturday but I only collected it this morning. I actually selected it on the 5th so has been a while since I selected so am happy to receive it. I think I chose menu 2.

These are the contents of the box and they fill them quite nicely. (Anyone who goes on facebook and gets a few beauty boxes might know that one box has got bigger but the contents have got less, so it is nice that in this case the contents fill the box. In my case that box is yet to be dispatched.)

The first item in my box is the anatomicals you need a blooming shower! your nose smells rose body cleanser. It smells really nice but as I have only a bath I am unlikely to use it so it might go in my 'products to pass on' pile. It has a rrp of £3 which is great value for 250ml.

The second product is the Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier. this is a voluminizing mousse for colour treated hair. Sadly, another product I am unlikely to use as my hair isn't coloured, but mostly because my hair definitely does not need more body. Although very long, almost at the very bottom of my back, it is very thick and wavy and I need things that create less volume, not more, as my hair is more lion king than beautiful cougar at the moment.
It looks good quality and would be great for the right person. It has a rrp of £15 for 250ml so my 75ml is worth, if my math is correct, £4.50.

The third product in my box is the Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand cream. This was the product that varied from box to box and I was excited to receive this as Weleda products rock and I love hand cream in this horrid winter weather as it stops my hands getting too dry.
This smells really nice, but not too perfumed, and I love that it is Weleda as it is a natural product and some chemicals upset my skin. It sinks into my skin effortlessly and leaves them soft without feeling greasy. A great product.
This product is worth approx. £1.79.

The fourth product is the Cosmetics a la carte divine lash mascara. I haven't opened this product as I don't want it to dry up while I used my current mascara, but it has a beautiful shiny silver packaging and I look forward to using it in the future. This is full sized and has a rrp of £23.

The fifth and final product in my box is the NYX cosmetics Single Eye shadow in 'Deep Space'. This is highly pigmented with a slight shimmer and would be great for a smudgy smoky eye. It has a small amount of shimmer in it and the colour can be layered for a more intense tone.

This is a swatch of one coat of this eyeshadow. It is fairly creamy on application and not too drying on my already dry skin. This has a rrp of £5.

So, all in a good box, but I will probably not use two of the products due to my own personal needs. The value of the products in this box is £37.79 which is superb value for a box that costs, at the most, £12.95 including postage.
To date this company has gone from strength to strength and I would recommend.
More info on the company can be found  here and my sign up link is here if you wanna sign up.
Roll on next month.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a good day. I would love to hear you opinion on this box if you want to comment below and to tell me how you like these products if you have used them before.


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