2 January 2014

Philosophy sale order

Was quite excited to get my Philosophy parcel from their sale today, despite only ordering when I was away in Durham with Paul's family over the Christmas break.
I had heard good things about their 3 in 1 shampoo, shampoo and bubble bath so I decided to try them out as bubble baths as I have no shower and I use Tresemme hair care and have a lot left to use as I got the 750ml/900ml bottles for £2 a while ago.
There was also the bonus everything I bought was half price and that I got a bonus gift.

The first product is 480ml of butter rum cake. It smells strongly of cake and rum and scent is true to the name.

The second is 480ml of shortbread cookie and it smells creamy and just like shortbread and freshly baked biscuits. I think I am in love..... mmmm!

The final 3 in 1 I bought is raspberry glazed. This smells really refreshing and like raspberry coulis.

I can't wait to use these products and they were only £21 for the three and it was only £3.95 postage from America and I was slightly surprised that I received them as the tracking was saying Monday.
I hope these give nice bubbles and the scent sticks but as normal I will keep you informed and profile them more when they go into my empties.
Now onto the freebie, my favourite thing is something free tbh:

This is a 'welcome philosophy girl' gift set and I have to admit I love the picture on the front of it. Inside there is three products and they are:
30ml of amazing grace (worth about £1.18). This has little smell and is a beautiful pale pink smell. It is another 3 in 1 and would make a nice bath product when I don't want anything highly scented when I have a migraine.
30ml of purity 3 in 1 cleanser (worth about £2.66) and this another product with little scent in it but I have tried this and it was a good tester size as a little went a long way and it seemed to clean my face well. I like trying out new brands and this looks good at the moment as it seems gentle and isn't overly greasy.
Finally, I have 12ml of hope in a jar (worth about £7.80). This smell slightly odd, like medical things, and I found it overly greasy but I have very dry skin and perhaps the extra moisture would be good as a night cream.

So all in all, including the free gift I got about £55 worth of products for under £25, including postage, which is great value. I look forward to using these things in the coming weeks and will report back.


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