14 January 2014

Lovelula Skin saviours box.

I had to collect my Skin Saviours Lovelula box from the post office this morning as I missed it on Saturday. As per norm with Lovelula it came really fast and this box cost £12.50 with free p and p.
I knew what was in it ahead of time and wanted to try the S5 serum as I loved their Calm Serum and have loved other products I have used that they produce.
So what was in the box?

As normal for their selection boxes they are sent in this beautiful bag.

Inside the bag were these products.

Firstly there were 2 x mendill pure organic wet towelettes in lavender and tangerine scents. I will probably put these in my momma bag for using on myself or Edward when out and about.
These are worth £1 for the 2 wipes.

The second product is the Essential care organic avocado replenishing cream in 15ml size. I really look forward to using this as it is free of nasties and 95% organic. From what I have read it can be used as both a night and day cream so would also be great for taking away with me as it is a good size for that.
As per normal will review when I have used it properly.
This is worth £7.50.

The third product is the Trilogy everything balm 5ml. I am in love with my Trilogy Rosapene night cream at the moment, and waiting for my advent calendar to come so I can stock up, and I will probably try this as a cleansing balm alongside the night cream. It has no real strong smell to me and due to the fact that it is a balm a little will go a long way, making it very economical.
Worth about £1.40.

The fourth product is the S5 Illuminate Serum 10ml. Like the Calm Serum this has a pipette and a creamy texture so this will last a good while and may help my skin that is starting to show the early signs of aging.
This is worth about £14.66.

The fifth product is the Lavera Hand Creme 20ml. I've used this before and really like it, although I have a lot of hand creams so this will go in my stash at the moment.
This is worth about £1.20.

The sixth and final product is the AD skin synergy nourishing night treatment for face in a 5ml size. this smells really nice and I hope it will be like the oil by balance Me that I like a lot.
This is worth about £3.80.

All in all a great bargain box and I will definitely use all of the products sooner rather than later with the only product i am not excited about being the wipes.
The box is worth about £29.56 which means it is really good value.


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