31 January 2014

Xenca perfection lipstick 'cherry' review

After my flying leap on Wednesday I have been feeling pretty down and medicating with food so I was extremely relieved when my hubby went to get me my parcel that I missed yesterday and thankfully it wasn't something edible. 

It was even better than chocolates, anyone who knows me knows that is an unusual thing for me to say, especially as I am unwell and generally a comfort eater!
Enclosed in my parcel  was my Xenca perfection lipstick in cherry and I am totally in love. I received another one of these lipsticks in my first souksouk box in the colour 'spice', more info on this can be found here, and I immediately fell in love with the creamy texture and intense colour of that lipstick and the colour on this lipstick is no different. It is as highly pigmented as spice although it is less neutral and more of a 'statement red' colour.

These two lipsticks are from their organic lipstick line and these are made in Italy and they contain sweet almond oil and Shea butter to condition your lips. 
This makes them creamy and they feel really creamy on your lips and feel a bit like a balm as they don't leave your lips dry like some other lipsticks I have used.

The packaging is mainly cardboard and this makes this product stand out with it's individuality and it's eco credentials. I like that they are both sheek and eco.

When swatched on my hand it was a vivid red with pink undertones and I really liked it and it lived up to my hopes of being my perfect red 'wow' lipstick.

I am sorry it is a freaky up close pic and isn't the neatest application of lipstick but I wanted to show you how vivid the colour is on my lips. It was great against my very pale skin and would suit most, if not all, skin tones in my opinion. 
It was also great to find such a vivid red as I have fairly dark lips anyhow and lighter colours don't show up well and to my eye look a bit odd.

The lipstick was long wearing and didn't bleed a lot. It is very easy to apply due to the solid but creamy consistency and I like it a lot.
It is a definite favourite lip product of mine at the moment and I will definitely look at the other products in their organic cosmetics range to buy them after my spending ban is up on my birthday in March.

A great colour in a great product. 
The products also have no animal products and they don't believe in animal testing. 

More info on this product can be found here.


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