17 January 2014

Souksouk January 2014 box

I missed the last Souksouk box by days but I am really happy to receive my January box today. To be honest I like a lot of the more natural skincare around but a lot of it is out of my price range so most of the stuff I have is from beauty boxes of the past. Souksouk focuses on natural beauty so I decided to sign up. More details on this box provider can be found here.

The first thing I was struck with when I opened this box was how substantial the magazine is and how beautiful the cover model was. Over the next few days I will probably scroll through the magazine as it looks interesting.

These are the products this month and they look like a really good variety and although I know pukka and urban veda I don't know the maker of the lipstick or the nail varnish so it is nice to try new brands.

The first item is xenca perfection lipstick in the shade spice. It has a cardboard outer packaging and it feels really luxurious and very 'eco'.

The colour is a browny red and I really like it as I have quite dark lips in contrast with my pale skin so I need dark lip colour to make it worthwhile. It is soft on my lips and easy to apply, although I have to admit after using lip butters for a while it is odd to use a lipstick again. It isn't drying and my lips and doesn't feel heavy and I really like it.
This retails at £11.95, which is almost the same price as the whole box, which is great.

The next product is the Avril Nail Laquer in French Rose. It is a 7 free formula, free from parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene, xylene, camphor and rosin, and I love that it doesn't have that awful nail varnish smell other brands have.

It is a very pale pink colour and it went on well and would be great for the summer.
The other huge bonus is that these have a rrp of £3.99 so are really affordable.

The next three products are from urban veda and are a purifying exfoliating facial polish, a purifying day cream and a daily purifying facial cream. They are all profess to have no sls, parabens or gm ingredients and I look forward to using them.
Price wise the polish is worth about £1.44, the day cream about £3 and the facial wash about £1.07.

The final product in this box are 2 pukka detox tea bags. I am much more a coffee person so these will go into the cupboard until I get into a tea mood again. It is nice to have an extra though.

A nice little box with new discoveries and contents worth £21.50 so well worth the money. I look forward to what Souksouk provides for me in February.



  1. I'm thinking of buying their Small Bespoke Beauty Box for £25.00 but I'm not sure if it's a good investment!

    1. I think in general souksouk are god at what they do and the brands are great if this is any indication but with beauty boxes in general it can be hit or miss tbh.

    2. I had a medium box and it had loads in it, all lovely things. If you are not sure about something, email Victoria at SoukSouk, their customer service is amazing. Go on, treat yourself ;-)

    3. Thanks, I'll have a think about it :D

  2. Hi Tired Mum!
    Really glad you love the Xenca Lippy in your SoukSouk Little green box, - its made from certified organic botanical extracts,100% natural, fragrance free and the packaging is eco friendly too as you spotted (completely recyclable) - shout if you would like more information or to know more
    Suzie @TheXencaWay.co.uk

  3. Hi Tired Mum,
    Thanks for the blog on our Xenca Perfection Lip Stick. This is just one of many eco-friendly products. Any ladies out there who would like more info you can email me on:
    bradybeauty@yahoo.co.uk or on fb Jackie Brady Thanks