29 January 2014

Clearer skin... New cleanser?

I woke yesterday feeling like I had been slapped. I had very little sleep the night before as my insomnia hit and being an inspiring author I have my characters in my head and that night one of them wanted me to write.
 It has been a while since NANOWRIMO in November and since then I have had minor burnout but last night the brother of the main characters in the first book wanted out.
Sorry, I sound crazy and I regress. Back to my skin.

The following day my skin felt very angry and the spot on my nose seemed to be gathering supporters in the 'make Jane's skin feel like it has been attacked by sandpaper' camp. My skin felt worse than it has in years.
So I went about my normal business, using a new cleanser in the morning and evening last night but otherwise my skin routine was as normal.

So, I woke this morning, expecting to be mistaken as sand paper again but instead my skin feels softer than it has in years. The spot on my nose has finally stopped trying to torture me and my cheek no longer feels like I have been slapped, always a bonus if you hate that sort of thing.

It could be a coincidence but I started using this the day before last and wondered if it was fluke or was this product.
This is the Face Soap and Clarity 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin c facial wash. It smells divine and apparently has a super fruit Yuzu complex, which I have no idea what it is but it sounds good.

I didn't enjoy using this the first time I tried it due to the pink exfoliating particles within it irritating my skin as I wasn't used to it after never using anything like that before. After seeing the effects of it though I am a convert and definitely like it more than the previous cleanser if the good complexion continues.

I got this at the beginning of the year using a voucher and it was already on sale so it was quite a good deal as it was double deduction. I know it is often on 3 for 2 so will buy again when promo is good and I want to try out other soap and glory products.

Let's hope it will.


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