21 January 2014

Back to baking: chocolate muffins

Here is my choc chip muffin I made this afternoon and it is yummy. It is naughty to do but I am trying to cheer myself up after my exercise bike broke last night.

I haven't really baked since Edward was born two years ago but as hubby has started to moan about a lack of baked goods in our house but lots of ingredients I decided to make some muffins for when he comes home from work later. They were quite easy to do and must be okay as the little one has requested another when I gave him a small piece of mine.

They were on the good food website and the recipe for them can be found Here. They aren't too sweet and with my expensive Belgian choc chips, cheaper as I bought them in bulk, they are delicious. 

I really enjoy baking and might make this a regular thing as I prefer to make than buy as I know what goes in them. Only downside is washing up as I have no dishwasher.


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