6 January 2014

Boots haul, a repurchase from Amazon and a product I have jumped on the love train of...

Feeling ill with a cold at the moment and post Christmas blues so decided to shuttle off to Boots to cheer myself up and also buy some supplies to deal with my extremely sore throat that managed to terrorise my sleep last night and left me feeling rather weak today.
I wanted to go there as well to buy some products after seeing them on youtube videos and wanted t try them out myself.
So what did I buy today at Boots?

The first product I wanted after seeing youtube videos was the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in the skin tone fair.
I need a concealer to be very light to match my skin and this is perfection. I haven't tried it on my under eyes yet but I have tried it on my hand on a freckle and it disguises them well so it must be good.

One of the main things I went in for was throat lozenges so I got these: Strepsils Orange with Vitamin C 100mg. I hope these give me some relief as my throat feels like I've been gargling razor blades.
Please let them help!

These bangles were only £2 for 11 down from £10, which was a bargain. Edward likes everything glittery and girly and these got his attention and as I have no bangles I bought them as I loved them.
Although, to be honest I might have to chase Edward to get them as he has just ran off with them.

The second product I saw on youtube and wanted to get was the Revlon Lip Butters so I purchased two of these are they are 2 for £10 at Boots at the moment and as they are £7.99 I'd be silly not to use the special offer.

The packaging is extremely pretty and I really love the outer casing and that were all different and corresponded with the shade within.

I got two and they were in the shade 075 Lollipop and 015 Tutti frutti.

Tutti frutti is a beautiful coral shade that would be great for spring and summer and will be great against my pale skin.
Lollipop is a fuchsia and is a lot more vibrant than my swatch as the swatches were only one coat. This is a really stand out shade and would be great for parties.
I really look forward to using these lipsticks.

The next thing I got I actually got from the local Sainsbury and it was 6 packs of these Kleenex balsam tissues. I haven't bought tissues in years so I didn't know what to buy and I thought these handy packs would be useful as I normally use baby wipes a lot so some of the packets will probably stay sealed so I will be able to use them if I get a cold like this again.

The last thing I got was two packs of these extra large cotton pads from Boots that are kept in the baby aisle and are buy one get one half price at the moment. I really like them as they are so large I only need to use one when I cleanse my face and I was running low.

Awaiting me when I got home was 500ml of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque from Amazon that I got on pre order and was expecting at the end of the month so I was surprised it had arrived today.
I got 100ml of this in this box and I love it and also included in this blog post if you want to see how much.

The final product in this post is the one I have boarded the love train of and it is the Rimmel London wake me up Foundation in 100 Ivory and I love it. it is the first ever foundation i have used regularlyand it gives great coverage on my fairly clear skin and I really like that it looks natural and gives an spf of 15. I will definitely repurchase, although a little goes a long way.

So that is my shopping today... How are you all? what have you been up to today? Anyone else got a horrid cold too?

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