16 January 2014

I received my half price advent calendar today...

I got my half price advent calendar yesterday and was over the moon as a few of my products from the first one are running low.

However, I wasn't so overjoyed to see a massive rip along the front of my box and along my box. I will have to contact them about this as their parcel carriers have done this in transit. I am just thankful it is well packaged inside so nothing was broken or burst, as that would have been a sticky mess. Yuk!


Here is the rip a little closer. Poor woman nearly got decapitated.

Here is everything I got for £29.90. I have detailed them all in my previous advent posts so in this post I will only show the ones I especially loved using or the ones I needed desperately as they had nearly ran out.

I am not saying the other products sucked but these are the products I have particularly looked forward to getting more of because I really loved using these the first time around and because they make getting another both well worth the money.
These products I really wanted again were:

1.     The ESPA Optimum ProSerum that is a skin oil and was great for hydrating my dry skin. 
2.     The £15 ESPA voucher as it gives me a chance to try more of their products as I really wanted to try their cleansing balm. The voucher also is worth half the amount I paid.
3.     The Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & shower Oil. I love these oils and this scent smells strongly of eastern spices to me and is very soothing. I ran out of the old one of these and so happy to have another.
4.     The Weleda Skinfood. I can't get enough of this for my eczema and for my elbows and knees. I can smell citrus in this product and that makes me want to eat it... although I don't think it would taste nice.
5.     The Sisley Masque Creme. I love the Black rose smell and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. 
6.     The Alterna Bamboo Smooth  Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist. I love this and I am almost out of my first bottle. It helped to defrizz my hair after washing and also left it silky smooth and tangle free. I will buy more when both my samples are gone.
7.     Dr Lipp. nipple balm for lips. Another product I am in love with and really appreciate another one in my stash. Great for chapped and sore lips.
8.     trilogy Rosapene Night cream is the night cream I have used for over a month and I am in love with it and was panicking as the first tub is almost completely empty. It is worth over £20 and it makes the box good value even at full price and at half price almost pays the whole price of the box. The smell is amazing and it is great as it isn't really heavy as it sinks into my skin effortlessly.
9.     The final product is the NEOM Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Cream and this has a great consistancy and an amazing scent. Great for my stash.

So this is my second box and my reason for getting a second box. Can't wait to use it all again or for the 2014 one at the end of the year.


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