24 January 2014

Review: nspa Melting cleansing gel

Anyone who has read a fair amount of my posts in the last few weeks may know that I have decided to test out various cleansers as I was curious about the hot cloth cleansers and cleansers other than cream cleansers as in the last 31 years I have, until the last month or so, only used cream cleansers. 

So, we all need somewhere to start in order to get to our destination, and today is my starting point with my current cleanser, with the hoped for destination being a place with more knowledge.

This is my current cleanser: the Nspa Melting Cleansing gel. It is, according to the packaging suitable for all skin types even Sensitive skin, like mine. It is not tested on animals and it is made in the UK.
I have used this for a few weeks and think I have used it for long enough to give you a more comprehensive view.

This is quite easy to use. 
First you massage in the gel into your dry skin with your finger tips, using circular motions, then you wet your hands with water water and massage the gel again to turn it into a cleansing milk. You then rinse well.
I normally then use a flannel or a muslin, like the one above, purchased to use for my son when he was a baby, but never used, or a regular small one you get with the hot cloth cleansers and make sure all the cleanser is gone.
So it is really easy to use, but is it effective?

a little goes a long way so great value for money

In my opinion, yes. It leaves my skin well cleansed and soft and it removes all traces of make up and makes my skin feel clean after wearing make up all day. 
Although it stung a little I have been known to remove my eye make up with this and it did a good job, though I can't tell you how it would fair on heavy eye make up as I don't wear heavy make up on my eyes.

You only use probably this size drop of gel and you can do your whole face and neck with that, making it economical to use. The smell of Neroli is also really nice and I like that it has Vitamin E and Ginseng to moisturise and Grapeseed oil and Neroli essential oil to enhance the skin.
I would definitely use it again and at £6 for 125ml or 2 for £8 at the moment at ASDA (where it is exclusively sold) it is really good value. 

More info on the brand can be found here.

I hope you found this review useful. Have you use this? How did you find it? 
Hope you all having a good day.

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