30 January 2014

Peel off passion mask... Smells divine. Picture review.

Well, I managed to injure myself quite badly yesterday after I fell over something my toddler left on the floor so I needed to pamper myself. I decided to do the second mask from this month's glossybox and it is the Peel Off Passion mask by Montague that contains pomegranate and Passion flower.

It takes a while to dry but I love love love the smell. To me it smells like tropical fruit and I really love the smell.

It smelled really nice and there was more than enough for my whole face. Apologise for my hair but with my current injury I am in bed most of the time as it hurts so much.

When applied it looks very red and a bit like you have a nasty illness, which is fitting at the moment as I am ill. 

It came off quite easily once it started to be pulled off but when it was removed it left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. In my opinion for £1.09 it was excellent value and I would definitely buy it again.

Hope you having a good day.
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