20 January 2014

Boots haul pt 2

This is the contents of the second parcel of my Boots haul, although they were ordered first. These were the lion share of my Boots 70% off haul and I am surprised they are even here after a bit of a delivery nightmare as they were actually due on Saturday and at one point I was told my whole order wouldn't arrive.
But here they are and I actually received a nice good will gesture from Boots too for my being inconvenienced, which has appeased me.
So what did I buy?

I got 2 of these Let's play at the... CIRCUS Giant Craft Trunks (don't kill me for caps as that is how it is on the box). I thought they would be nice for my two year old son and for my 3 year old niece for her fourth birthday. Although they aren't really giant they are really cute and the box will definitely be reused as it is really sturdy in a trunk design. They were originally £14 reduced to £4.20.

Next is the dangerous item as I am trying to diet this year but I had these in my December box and fell in love. Theee are the Toffee Truffles by the Monty Bo Jangles Fine Confectioners of London and they are really rich and decadent. Quite relieved when Edward tried them today as well as he finds them too rich as he prefers Fruit and Vegetables to Chocolate. Originally £4 they cost me £1.20.

Next is the Be Enchanted Fallen Star Palette that that has five eyeshadows and a tiny brush. I haven't swatched these as I am not sure if I am keeping these but it is really nice tiny set and a bargain at £1.80, reduced from £6. It's another product where it is unlikely I would pay full price for it.

Next is a product for Paul and it is a Bulldog Mug and Moisturiser Gift set. It cost me £2.40, down from £8, so it was less than the moisturiser on it's own and means if hubby runs out of his first one he has another and also has a mug that growls to go with it. I am also really glad it didn't break in transit as I know some customers have had things break from their own parcels.

This is the Guinness pie Set and it contains a Guinness branded enamel pie dish, a pie crimper, pastry brush and a recipe card. It was originally £15 and I paid £4.50. This was the product I was most looking forward to and although smaller than expected it will get a lot of use.

Next is another product for hubby and it is a Ted's winning combination set and it was originally £8. In it is the Tour de Ted Body Spray and the Tour de Ted Hair & Body Wash. I am not sure I would paid £8 but at 70% off it was very good value. This was purchased for the hubby to add to his body spray collection.

This is the Mark Hill gorgeous Brunette set from Mark Hill. It was £3, down from £10, and contains four products designed for Brunettes, which I am. Inside is 50ml of the Could it be Magic Anti humidity shine spray, 50ml of the Fabulous Finish hair spray, 75ml of the Brunettes do it better Highlight Reflecting conditioner and 75ml of the Gorgeous brunette Shine Enhancing Shampoo.
I have never tried anything by Mark Hill and this is a great way to try this range.

Next is a gadget by Boots. It is a wrench multi tool that has a standard wrench, cross head screwdriver, a file, a large sharp knife and a serrated blade. It was originally £10 and I paid £3. It looks sturdy and will be useful.

Next is 3 of the Let's Play at the... CIRCUS Bubbling Bath Trios. They are diddy but I only paid £1.50 rather than £5 so I am happy with them.

Next are a pair of slippers in a waffle knit design. Originally £12 I paid £3.60. They are fleece lined with a grey outer and nothing too special but fine for the price I paid.

Next is the Baylis and Harding Beauticology Large Trio. This contains 500ml of chocolate cupcake Shower  Creme, 500ml of spiced gingerbread cupcake body wash and 200ml of vanilla frosting body lotion and seems a bit of a steal at £3.60.

The final item was for my little boy and was a Fisher price Peso from the show Octonauts. He cost me £3 and is super cute but I don't think he is worth £10 as he is quite small.

So that as the last of my Boots Sale item. Anyone else got any bargains or had a frustrating time? Anyone tried anything here?

Hope you all having a good day and got decent things in the sales too and happy and healthy.


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