27 January 2014

picture review: anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer

Take one scary, tired mom.

Add a product I got in this months glossybox by anatomicals.

Add product to scary eye bags for half an hour, then take another picture... Cheeeese.

... And poof. Thirty minutes of YouTube watching later.. I see no real difference.

Don't know whether it is only me it hasn't worked for but my eye bags are still nasty and the slayer makes my eyes feel a little more refreshed but that is all. 
I love the anatomicals no bags allowed cream as it is very soothing but I don't think I would buy these patches again as £2 is a lot per use and I would expect more. Sorry mr anatomicals but that is my view. Maybe they can tell me if I did them wrong and someone can point out where it went wrong.
Maybe I am a cheapskate for two pounds and no effect but things are as they are.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are having a lovely day.



  1. I'm sitting with them on right now, but for £2 a shot I know there not going to do much. Actually they're making my delicate eye area itch! Ouchy!

    1. How did they go in the end... I thought they were waste of time but their eye gel is good.