27 January 2014

January 2014 empties

I can't believe that January is almost already gone. Last year flew by and it looks like this will be the same if January is any indication. Sometimes I worry about that. My son is so little at the moment but he is growing ever so fast and every day he gets more language or learns new skill. 
Anyway, off I drift off again. I apologise for lapses of attention but my momma head is on at the moment.

It's January 2014 (wow 2014) empties.

The first of my empties this month is a product the company has discontinued as it was limited edition and this has made me very sad. This is the Yves Rocher Collection cacao Cocoa & raspberry perfumed shower gel. 
Both scents are equally represented, with the chocolate being a definite undertone to me. This makes me hungry for chocolate, potentially dangerous if, like me, you are trying to lose weight.
I have been using this for Edward's baths and one of the best ways to get him into the bath, if he is being reluctant, is to tell him he is getting bubbles and general he then wants to get in right now. With this product he gets great bubbles and an amazing scent.
It was also really inexpensive, yet feels quality.
Please mr, or mrs, Yves Rocher please bring this back next Christmas so I can buy it again. 

The next empty is a 25ml tube of Green People Make up remover. This was one of the two cream cleansers I have used this month and this was rather effective and extremely gentle, not reacting with my sensitive skin or hurting my eyes. It has a slight floral scent to me, as it contains aloe Vera, chamomile and marshmallow and is 91% organic.
It was effective and left my skin well cleansed and is ideal for sensitive skin. Also vegan and not tested on animals.

These are three empty bath oils from this month. 
On the left is the indulge bath and shower oil from balmbalm. I manage to get three baths from these oils, making them extremely economic compared to a bath bomb as with this oils the scents linger, whereas I find the scents of bath bombs don't linger and they are a nightmare to clean up after. These oils are 100% organic so are a very natural product.

In the middle is the Lavendula bath and body oil by Ancienne Ambiance and this product is incredible. Along with my weight and tastes in food and drink, such as coffee, my tastes changed a lot during and after my pregnancy and one thing that changed was my tolerance to lavender. Pre Edward I really couldn't go anywhere near lavender without getting a migraine but since I haven't had a migraine from it.
This has been a huge bonus as I could use this product with no ill effects. It is all natural, mostly organic, and not tested on animals.
I have really issues sleeping most of the time but this product was amazing as I really had to be careful not to use it when really tired as one night I very nearly fell asleep in the bath water that contained this oil.
I have never done that before and to be honest I would definitely use it again. It might seem expensive but like all oils a little goes a long way.
Wow, just wow.

On the right is my Inner Strength oil by aromatherapy associates and I received this from my advent calendar by youbeautydiscovery and I actually have another to use. It has a very strong scent and was great for clearing my sinuses when I had my cold after Christmas. 
A little goes away with this oil and I like that the scent is invigorating for a day time bath, although usually I have to wait until my son is in bed to get a bath so it is a rare luxury that this oil is perfect for.

Next is probably my hero hair products of the last year. This is the Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque and I only discovered this in my Birchbox Christmas box but is incredible.
I use it on my in between washing my hair days as a stand alone cleansing product to refresh it. I have to admit I only wash my hair every four days or so as my hair gets too dry otherwise and this is great to keep the softness, as well as giving my hair an amazing scent, in the meantime. 
I finished this product this month but last month I purchased the 500ml pot from Amazon as I was worried about running out. For a person who rarely repurchases anything, and certainly not in advance, I suppose it is a clear indication on my feelings on this product.
So great.

Next is the trilogy Rosapene Night cream and I love love love this. It sinks into my skin and isn't too heavy, so it doesn't feel like you are masking your face,and smells very strongly of rosehips.
Anyone who has read my reviews a bit knows I love all things rose and rosehips and this is no exception. I received this in my youbeautydiscovery calendar and I am currently using the one I received from my second, half price, calendar. I may well buy a full sized one in the future after using other creams in my haul, or maybe after using this one up, and I would definitely recommend this night cream, although if you hate rosehip smells you'll hate this cream.

This is the other cream cleanser I have used this month. This is the Weleda Gentle Cleansing milk. It is only a tiny sample at 10ml and was kind on my skin and eyes. It has a lotion smells with botanical notes and was great and effective to use but sadly I am unlikely to repurchase as it was too small to make a comprehensive opinion and I have a lot of cleansers to try out before I decide on any one. Great, does the job but one of many I have tried.

This was a surprise addition to my empties this month due to it being a sealed unit. I received this in my youbeautydiscovery box in December so it has last seven weeks and I was really sad when I pushed it down and none came out. It did sting my eyes a little but I carried on using it as it is a great cream. It seemed to make my eye bags a little less noticeably and irradicated the fine lines that were really visible before.
I may well purchase this after my spending amnesty and would definitely recommend it to the other people as it was easy to use, not sticky or heavy and quite effective for me.

So, there are my empties for this month. What have you use up this month? Have you used any of these products and got any opinions?
Hope you are enjoying the year so far and all is going well for you.

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