6 January 2014

The Profesional Part 2 by Kresley Cole.

My chromebook died last week so I am back onto reading on my kindle. I am currently reading the books I have stockpiled over the last few months. I had been writing during that time so I started reading some older books and a few days ago I read part one of this series and it left me on such a cliffhanger that I was desperate for the second part in this series.

This morning I managed to start the second part and I was not disappointed.

Kresley Cole introduced me to paranormal romance when I read 'Lothaire', which is one of the best books I have read, and now she has given me two characters I love equally as much as the namesake of that book.

Natalie and Sevastyan are extremely complex characters and at times I equally love and loathe them as both seem to want to deliberately inflict pain on each other. Their chemistry is explosive and the book kept me completely guessing where the plot will go next.
This book was left on cliffhanger like the first part and I really look forward to part 3.

I have to admit though I found parts of the book very sad as there was a twist I didn't see coming and that will make me even more on my toes for book two.

It was such an amazing book and I would definitely recommend it to everyone but would say to read part 1 first.

It can be found at Amazon in e book format in the UK and I am sure it can be found elsewhere too. Only 99p too for part 1 and the same for part 2 and to pre order part 3, which is due out on the 20th.

My only warning would be is that it is explicit so don't read if you offended by that sort of thing.


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