10 January 2014

Nail rock glitter nails

I didn't have much luck with the Repstyle yesterday so I decided to take it off all my fingers and use something else and I am really glad I decided to try out one of the kits I received in my December Birchbox.

I chose this one (Glitter Dust Red) over the pink one as I thought it would be brighter and I really didn't want to waste the pink in case it went wrong. But did it?

Nope.... I did them yesterday and they still look as good as that today. They really were as easy as paint then dunk in the glitter and although messy, my bed now looks festive, they look divine and with a topcoat of my OPI topcoat the glittter stays on well and they are really cheery.

This is my thumb close up. Although it isn't perfect I think it will be easier next time and this has given me more confidence to experiment.

Thank you Birchbox and nail rock. A great product.


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