26 January 2014

Hotel chocolat order

At the beginning of the week I ordered some chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and the following day they arrived. They had a 70% off sale on at that point so they were substantial less than normal and I also found a code for free delivery on the money saving expert forum so it was double saving.

I only ordered three items but they were in a beautiful box and for only £10.65. 

On the left is a packet of eight tiddly reindeers in 40% milk chocolate! these have a best before date of July so they will probably be regifted to Paul for his 43rd birthday in April.

In the middle is the Classic Christmas Selection that contains twenty six chocolates and this item is for me instead of my quarterly fortified selection next month as this was a fraction of the price as it was heavily discounted.

The final item, on the right, is a a mince pies & milk selection pack. This has 80g of pralines with salted caramel and white chocolate truffles. These are likely to be part of Paul's birthday haul too. 

I am really happy with the amount I got for my money and with the free postage it was a total steal. More info can be found on this company here and at the moment (26/01/14) the sale is still on.

Hope you are having a lovely day.


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