10 December 2014

YET don't worry heart beating mask

For my second mask in my 5 masks in ten days I have used the YET don't worry mask sheet heart beating mask. This is to add moisture to the skin and to make it feel soft and healthy.

The first thing I did when I chose to wear it was to flip over the packaging and look at the extracts that were in the essence and research them and I was rather happy with the effects of these extracts and these were:
Licorice root extract to improve dark spots and hyperpigmentation 
Salvia miltiorrhiza (red sage) root extract which is an antioxidant 
Schizandra chinesis fruit extract which is a skin conditioner 
Coptis japonica root extract to calm down the skin

On opening it was saturated in essence and had no real smell but after a while it smelled a little like a hair salon.

To be honest on the face it slips and slides and keeps falling off the chin. 
But when removed there was lots of essence left on my face which absorbs in fast and leaves my face soft and pliant and ready for the next stage of skincare.
A nice mask but I prefer the hydrogel masks as they stay on my face better.


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