1 December 2014

Day 1 Advent calendars

I really enjoyed doing my Advent Calendars last year so I have done them again this year.
I am shocked though that it is December because I am really wondering where the year went... but, anyway, back to Day 1 of the advent calendars.

Yankee candles advent calendar
This is either snowflake cookie or christmas cookie and smells sweet to my nose. Lol as these are one of eight scents and are definitely tealights until the last it isn't too much of a surprise.
Worth approx. 50p

Youbeautydiscovery Advent Calendar
A 30ml sample of the Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle and a muslin. A great product to receive in a good size.
I have used this on and off in the past and it has always been great as it is great on sensitive skin and removes all makeup.
Great to have another muslin too.
My favourite for the choices in day 1.
Worth £5.50

The Body Shop advent calendar
This contained 30ml of the almond hand and nail cream.
Looking at the ingredients there are things like shea butter, honey and almond oil in there which seem good.
But seeing ceterearyl alcohol in there as the third ingredient makes me wonder if this is why this product feels less moisturising on my hands than other hand creams. I know it is used a stabilizer and a moisturiser but after use my skin feels dry.
No real scent either.
A nice sized product but not for me as my skin is dry already and this makes it feel even more dry, just leaving a film over the top instead of adding true moisture.
Worth £5.

benefit advent calendar
4 heart shaped paper clips doesn't really start this advent calendar off with a bang. I know that there are accessories in this one but these are meh paperclips and tbh I can't remember the last time I used a paperclip.
Would be great for a student or in an office but meh to me.
Would pay about £1 for these.

No.7 advent calendar
I received 10ml of the Skin Illuminator. This can be used alone or under foundation and will give a radiant finish according to the packaging.
For me this gives a dewy effect without looking sweaty but there is definitely some glitter in it.
Would be great for a Christmas party though and doesn't seem to dry out my skin too much.
Worth £3.66.

There are the day one advent calendar pressies and for me my order of preference are:
1. Youbeautydiscovery
2. No.7
3. Yankee candles
4. Benefit
5. The Body Shop

Roll on day two though as all could change.


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