4 December 2014

Sally's box Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask

I have quite a few sheets masks stashed so when Genie from Geniesfavouriteproducts, who I know from MUT, suggested that we do a #maskgeniechallenge which involves using 5 masks in 10 days I was completely on board with that suggestion.
This will be my first mask for that challenge.

This is the Sally's box Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask and I received this in a past global box from Memebox.

It is a two piece mask and although I know some people have problems with the two piece masks I find that I only get issues with some of them.
This isn't one where the bottom falls off for me as it configures nicely to the contours of my face.

As you can see they look really attractive on the face and will scare the postman if he comes a calling. 
Edward used to tell me my face was melting when I first started using them.

But, anyway, back to the mask.

This is a soothing and moisturising mask that you wear for about half an hour and after trying it today I can say that my skin definitely needs all the moisture it can get and this mask left my skin soft and supple and ready for my serums and moisturiser.

This isn't my first Sally's box mask and to be honest I would recommend this brand as everything has always worked well. 
But in general I like the hydrogel masks more anyway as they tend to provide more moisture and offer better absorbance of the essence into my skin.
I also have others from this brand in this format in my stash and I definitely look forward to using those too.


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