5 December 2014

Memebox Special #54 miracle masks

Memebox unboxing posts are a bit behind so I am spending the next week catching up, well hopefully, on my older boxes and although these will be unboxings they will at least give you idea of what was in the boxes... just incase they relaese more..... although at the moment the releses are alow and sparse.
But back to the box.
This is the Miracle Mask box, although I am not sure where the miracle is.

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack 180ml ($16)
This is a hair mask with seven different types of oil blended through the Mise En Scene 'Crystal Cubic technology' according to the card. Which also informs me it is a nourishing wash off hair mask.

This is a repeat from an earlier box, I think a global, and is a hair mask. It is a bit odd to have a hair mask in a mask box when all the past ones have been face masks and a hair mask is stretching the topic thin.
But everyone has said it is good and the oil from the same brand is good so it should be good even if it is a repeat from a recent box.

Purederm Cucumber Eye 24 Pads ($12)
These are soothing eye pads from Purederm which contain cucumber and vitamin e as well as other soothing natural ingredients.

These are shaped and have the appearance of cucumber slices and are made to relieve tired eyes as well as to minimise puffiness.
I have had the orange ones in the past and they weren't very good so I am not excited by these at all.

LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask 50ml ($46)
According to the card this is an anti wrinkle, skin firming and repairing sleeping mask made from 'dragon's blood resin' from the Amazon made from adenosine and centella asiatica. 

I really like sleeping packs and I have heard good things about this brand and range so this products just about saves what is a pretty bad box.

ddung Vitamin Wash Off Pack 120ml  ($12)
This is a wash off facial mak to moiturise and nourish the skin with ingredients such as macadamia seed oil and it will replenish, smooth and strengthen dry and dull skin.
This looks interesting but I have to admit I dislike the ddung packaging as the girls are slightly scary but I will try it.

TO BE NANG Snail Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask 51g ($5)
TO BE NANG Gold 24k Snail Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask 51g ($6)
TO BE NANG Snail Anti Wrinkle Face & Neck Mask 61g ($3)

In the early days this one would have counted as one item and although the card says that there are 7 items three of those are these three hydrogel masks.
Although I don't know the brand the combination of hydro gel and nail mucus in these masks definitely interests me.
The snail mucus is great for repairing skin and the hydrogel is a great medium for masks as it allow better absorbance so both are definite pluses.
Add to that that there is gold in one that is supposed to soothe, rejuvanate and renew and I am happy with these masks but unhappy that they separate them and treat them as three items.

But that is my miracle masks box and to me there are two things that the save the box and they are the hydrogel masks and the vanpir sleeping mask. 
I have one more mask box to come and to be honest I am worried about this box as this one isn't great.
But hopefully it will be even better than this one.


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