18 December 2014

Day 17 advent calendar

Another day. Another lot of goodies for my advent calendars.
And another day of a horrid cold.
But paerhaps these goodies will cheer me up...

Yankee candle advent calendar 
Another sweet tealight which has a vanilla edge that I can smell even through my cold. 

Benefit advent calendar 
2014 advent notepad
I find these extras a little boring and would rather have beauty. They are nice enough but if I want notepads I wouldn't ask a beauty company.

The body shop advent calendar 
Moringa body milk 60ml
This smells fresh and this is another product I might actually be willing to try as it feels a little less drying than the lotions as alcohol is lower on the list and it is a looser texture making it more hydrating on my skin.
An okay product but not one I will rush out to buy as I much prefer milk or cheese based creams on my dry skin.

Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar 
Rodial stemcell superfood glam balm LIP
This has a similar texture to Lipglam but doesn't feel as good on my lips as lip glam to be honest. It is okay and adds moisture but isn't anything to get excited about.

No.7 advent calendar 
Intense Volume mascara
I have a lot of mascaras and this one professes to give good volume and is a large sample size in sleek simple packaging.

Another meh day with an accessory in my benefit and no other products that excite me. 
My order of preference today is:
1. Youbeautydiscovery 
2. The body shop 
3. Yankee candle 
4. No.7
5. Benefit

Sorry this was a day late going up but that gave me the opportunity to see that today's goodies, day 18, were better.


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