9 December 2014

Day 9 advent calendars

A better day than yesterday today and today other than the tea light surprising me a little, as it wasn't pink or white or red, all the items are fab and huge size samples for the formats that they are and I am really happy.

No.7 advent calendar
Protect & perfect intense night cream 25ml
I always like a good night cream so receiving one today is a nice thing for me. This one is formulated to help with wrinkles and deep lines and will also revitalise and renew your skin.
A great size too at 25ml.

The Body shop advent calendar
Strawberry hand cream 30ml
I know that I wasn't particularly enamoured with the last hand cream by the body shop but this one has a delicious smell and although still drying on my hands it can be perhaps more excused as the smell is so nice.
Although I still have to admit I would rather buy other brands of hand creams where I can understand the ingredients list.

Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar 
Teeez desert metals mascara volume (full size 10ml)
I think I mentioned a few days ago I had a lot of mascaras and I think by the end of my advent calendars I will quite a few more.
But this one is from a good brand and looks to have good attributes like being smudge proof and long lasting according to the packaging.

Benefit advent calendar 
Dandelion ultra plush lip gloss 6.5ml
This is a beautiful lip gloss and is in a size which means  that I am most likely to use it as I don't use lip gloss too often so a larger lip gloss would likely go to waste.

As you can see it gives a lovely pink sheen to my lips and I really like it. Leaves my lips feeling soft with a hint of colour.

Yankee candle advent calendar 
Ohhhh a green one. It smells like christmas trees to me and would make a great change from the sugary sweet candles I have been receiving. Not one I would buy as I prefer sugary sweet but I like it a lot.

Hard to choose an order again today but on reflection my order of preference would be:
1. No.7
2. Benefit 
3. Yankee candle
4. The body shop 
5. Youbeauty

Been a good day in advent calendar land though and look forward to using it all. 
Hope you have all been enjoying these posts.
Have a lovely day.


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