9 December 2014

Memebox global #17

Memebox globals generally are the creme de la creme of the memeboxes.
So I was quite surprised to receive a global which was more like a leftovers box than a really good global like most of the past ones were.
For me, these are the showcase memeboxes and were actually the first on the market so this is even more disappointing than if it was a themed box.

Palan crysence home care pouch set (Marin shampoo 4ea and power treatment 4ea)
Despite loving the Palan received in an earlier box I really do dislike foil samples as I never actually use them so they just sit in my stash.
Hair product samples are the worst for me too as I have very long very thick hair and one of these samples might not be enough.
But according to the card they are protein shampoo and protein treatment samples and will give you softer, silkier and glossier hair.
Sounds nice but I really hate foil samples.

Cheek room lip palette ($24)
This lip palette has four lip shades in various formulas and the packaging feels rather clunky and cheap to hold and look at.
To be honest if they think this is worth $24 they are disillusional.
This will be given away to some family friends which are just getting into makeup. Tbh it might be best there too as it is strangely reminscient of makeup for pre teens or those just hitting their early teens.

Shara shara bee tox spot cream ($18)
This is a spot cream which contains bee venom to control excessive sebum and six types of herbal extract to help to mitigate troubled spots and blemishes to give smoother softer skin.
Not really for me though I don't get many spots but the venom might work well for those who do.

Dr. MJ real mucin restore sunscreen spf45 pa+++ 50g ($41)
Memebox loves to give out sunscreen and in a way this one being in here is a blessing and a curse.
A blessing for those in the Southern Hemisphere but those of us in the the UK and similar places fairly far north of the equator it isn't really needed as here in sunny old birmingham the sun is a rarity at the moment.
But this is an interesting sunscreen with a high SPF and a snail secretition formula to hydrate, protect and balance out the skin tone.
I will store this until summer though and will use it then.

Shara shara pink piggy collagen cream 50ml ($22)
This is a skin firming and nourishing cream which contains high levels of collagen to help with skin elasticity, according to the card.
It also contains Hyaluronic acid and argan oil to help moisturise, rejuvenate and treat fine lines and wrinkles. 
At the moment it feels a bit like shara shara overload in memeland and I am slightly sick of them. It looks interesting and atm I am loving my collagen night mask but this doesn't interest me that much.
Might be amazing though.

Climax water pool cleanser 150ml ($34)
This is a very odd name for a cleanser but is the product which I am most interested in as I have a cleanser fixation. 
According to the card, this is a sticky textured cleanser that is enriched with soda water and 22 naturally derived components and has a mucin like texture to melt onto the skin and remove dirt, oil and makeup residues. 
To be honest it looks really unique and I like unique. I just hope I can stand the stickiness.

There is my global 17 and for it is very much a meh box.
The cleanser is the only thing that really grabs me and tells me to try it. The foils samples irritate me most though and the fact that a third of the box is shara shara adds to the irritation. I am sick of seeing the brand.
At the moment global eighteen is my last box to be shipped, on Christmas Eve, and I just hope that that global will be better than this one.


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