8 December 2014

Memebox Special #66 petit treasures

To balance out Apple mojito there is this box. 
I knew that this box bundle was a risk but despite them being only $19 each I was optimistic and I certainly never expected the bundle to contain a box which contained four low ticket items and that the scent boxes would blow this box out of the water. 
But I'll show you why I am so irritated by showing you what I received.

Recipe by nature ice cream swing gloss 02 sweet Fiona 6g ($5)
This is a lip essence gloss which has a fruity taste and will add moisture and nutrients to the lips. Ingredients include jojoba oil, grape seed oil and argan oil and all of these will give you soft supple lips. Perfect in this cold winter weather.
The only downside is that this is the second lip gloss in this bundle so I won't be using it for a while as I am using the one from Apple mojito at the moment.

Shara shara revital Magic cream 45g ($16)
This is a soothing and repairing cream which contains over 40 herbal ingredients and will diminish the appearance of blemish scars and uneven skin while also brightening and firming the skin. 
I quite like the soothing part of this cream as you need as much help as you can get in this horrid winter weather but I am not really interested in this cream as I have so many other soothing gels to use. I would use this as a problem area cream or a cuticle cream though as it is too thick for my face.
Not sure whether I will use it before it's best before date too which is in July either.

Shara shara feminine single blusher ($7) pk01 pale pink
I received this in an earlier box in a different colour and to be honest it is not an amazing blusher as the pigmenting isn't amazing and I think that the main attention is given to the packaging as the product is just meh.
Another product with a short best before date too as this one has just over a year.

Ddung lovely girl mascara 7ml ($24)
This is the final item in the box and as I have a plethora of mascaras I can hardly get excited for this one. It says that it is long lasting and lash lengthening but will peel off gently with water or foam cleanser.
But to be honest it doesn't fill me with joy as I think the price is inflated to make this box look better value than it really is.

I really think it is pretty bad that the box ends there. Four items were in this $19 box (plus p and p) and they are hardly 'treasures'. One is a repeat, with a short date, one is over priced and the other two don't interest me.
A really bad box, especially when you look at a picture like the one above to sum it up.
Adds nicely to me going off Memebox at the moment though.


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