17 December 2014

Memebox superbox #78 dirty gal

For me this an infinitely special Memebox.
Mid September I started to speak on Makeuptalk about wanting a dirty girl box, the name originating from watching way too much Frasier growing up... thanks mom.
I wanted a box where you could get dirty before you get clean.
I then went on to email them to request a box with the Dirty girl name and actually naming a product that appeared in this box.

It could all be a coincidence that this box appeared for purchase a few weeks after the email and Makeuptalk discussion or it may be due to that.
I'll never know but either way this is a great box and I will never know either way.
Welcome to the dirty gal box.

Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream 50g ($46)
This is an odd product for me as when you look at you don't really think it fits in this box. But, this fits well as it is really stringy and sticky and stretchy.
It has a similar texture to the bounce cheese cream but is stretchier and instead of being made from whey this is a snail mucin cream.
At the moment this ingredient seems to be appearing even in western creams and for me it is one of my favourites as the ingredient is great for cell repair and also adds moisture, great for my  extremely  dry skin.
Also good for wrinkles and skin elasticity so a bit of a natural wonder ingredient.
Can't wait to use it.  

Esthtic House Mayo pack 120ml ($12)
This was the product that I named in my email as I really wanted to try it and the very thought of putting mayo in my hair actually appeals to me.
It might not be a sane, sensible or normal wish but to be honest I have no professed to be any of those things.
As for the reasoning behind that decision. I really think that mayo on your hair would add moisture and from the card i think I might be right as it says it will give you soft, elastic and nourished hair and will help prevent excess hair tangles.
Sounds great for me as the one thing I get a lot, as my hair is so long, is hair tangles.
I hope this helps me and I really look forward to using it 

Pure Smile Muddy Girl 15g x 2 ($2) (kaolin and mud)
These were in the first cute wishlist and are wash off masks. You could receive two of three varities and I received mud and kaolin.
From all that I have seen these might do two applications on my tiny face. I haven't tried them yet but they look lots of fun and I love mud masks so they will definitely be used.

Cleeomee Natural Donkey Oil 80ml ($83)
This is a massage oil to use in drier seasons after cleansing and it is made from a blend of oils which includes EGF donkey oil.
To be honest I am not sure if I am in a huge rush to use this as I am using the Ole Henriksen oil between steps of skincare at the moment and that is doing really well so I m reluctant to change. But it is an interesting product in a large size.
Not sure why it is a dirty girl product though. 

B&Soap Mamie Blue ($29)
The final item is my favourite in the box and the first thing I am going to use as it looks like lots of fun.
This has packaging similar to lush and is a mask which includes ingredients such as peppermint and evening primrose oil and is used to treat skin impurities as well as to clear off dead skin cells.
It will also soothe and invigorate the skin.
It is a terrific blue green colour and is nicknamed the smurf mask.

This box is really exciting to me and I am looking forward to trying all but the donkey oil, which I am not sure what to think of it.
It is good value for a $29 plus p and p box and I would recommend it when/if it restocks.


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