10 December 2014

Day 10 advent calendars

Wow, into double figures with the advent calendars already and getting ever so close to Christmas. Where is the year going?
Another great day in advent calendar land though as you can see when you look at what I received.

The Body Shop advent Calendar
Colour crush nail polish in relish the moment 6.8ml
This is a nail varnish in a true bright red colour. It is a good size at 6.8ml and the colour is perfect for the festive season but isn't restricted to being purely festive as a red is good all year round.

No.7 Advent Calendar
Blissful body wash 40ml
This is almost like cologne in scent and to be honest I am not sure if I like it or not. So, I might leave it in the bathroom and see if Paul will use it in the bath as a body wash and give it to my in laws to take on holiday with them.
My least favourite item today.

Youbeauty advent calendar
Burt's bees almond and milk hand cream 7g
Now to my favourite item today and this is a thick hand cream which smells of marzipan which to me is the scent of Christmas.
I love marzipan and it remind me of marzipan fruits and Christmas cake.
Smells delicious and feels great on the skin.

Benefit advent calendar
Stay flawless 15 hour primer
I have only ever tried Porefessional so it is nice to try one of their other primers. It is an odd applicator for me though as it has a push up applicator and the primer is a solid, which is a first for me.
But it has creamy feel on my skin but I am not sure how  long it will make my make up last.
But it leaves skin feeling soft when I tried it on my hand and due to the consistancy, it is creamy rather than oily, I am not concerned that it will clog my pores which is an added bonus.

Yankee Candles Advent Calendar
Another tealight and this one has a spicy scent with a definite cinnamon edge to it and it is a really nice scent.

Personally I think today is a really good day with my calendars as I had a nice selection of products. 
Although some of the products aren't to my taste, like the body wash with a scent like cologne, they all look great quality and there is nothing I won't use today.

My order of preference today is
1. Youbeautydiscovery 
2. The body shop
3. Benefit
4. Yankee candles
5. No.7

Thankyou for reading.

My day ten for last year's advent calendars is here.

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