7 December 2014

Memebox Special #67 blackout

The second box in the bundle with the apple mojito is the Blackout box and it isn't necessarily a bad box but it isn't amazing. 
It has only four items and I wouldn't have purchased it if I had known that it was best suited for oily skin and dyed hair.
With dry hair and skin I am well aware that there is a good chance that products from this box may well dry my skin out even more so are totally inappropriate for me.
But I'll show you what there is because for other people this may be a great box for the $19 plus p and p price.

L'Cret Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo 300ml ($42)
This is a repeat of an item from the Repunzel box and is a shampoo to help people with dyed hair to stop it from fading and to help with the oil and moisture balance.
To be honest I am not terribly interested in this as I don't dye my hair and it is a repeat from a very recent box.
Seems like they were trying to clear out their warehouse.  This is as if they are desperately trying to fit into the theme as this is a clear shampoo, with only the bottle being black.

Tosowoong black-head nose pack 8ea ($6)
I think these may well be the only items I use from this box. I quite like nose packs and these look interesting as they are made from natural ingredients like morroccan lava clay, charcoal powder and volcanic ash. They also gentle, according to the card, but still effective at cleaning out pores.

Honest Clinic black hole spot 10ml
This is a night spot gel which helps to get rid of excessive dead skin cells as well impurities from both the outer surface of the skin as well as deep inside the pores.
As well as that it will also help to even out skin tone.
To be honest this isn't really a product I am interested in as I rarely have spots.

B&Soap black block 85g ($24)
This is a black soap bar made from charcoal, Rosemary and olive oil and treats pore impurities to give smoother, softer and brighter skin. This is for combination to oily skin though so not really ideal for my dry skin.

To be honest this is an okay box but not really for me. But to me it isn't the worst box of the trio bundle.


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