7 December 2014

Day 7 advent calendars

I had a particularly bad day yesterday so everything is going up a little later than expected but hopefully no one minds too much.
Thankfully, though, this isn't too delayed and it is a good day in advent calendar land. Plus I get to shop on someone else's money so, for the most part, I am very happy.

The body shop advent calendar
Strawberry heart soap
Whenever I look at this it makes me chuckle as at least this time I know that I have it right in terms of scent. 
This soap is a cute colour but there isn't much smell. But hopefully when I use it on edward the scent will be more pronounced.
We tend to use body wash over soap in general but Edward will enjoy using this and it will be something different to use.

Yankee candle advent calendar 
Another tea light and I think this one is in the spiced orange scent again. It smells nice and today I am not going to whinge about the lack of labelling.

Benefit advent calendar
Silver glittery hair band
I know some people may not like today's offering but for me it is spot on as I love twist bands and this looks to be in the same style. 
Also I am pretty sure that someone in this house eats my bobbles as I buy them a fair amount but can never find when I need one so this is useful.
From what I read that is a quite common issue, disappearing bobbles, but it is oh so frustrating nevertheless.

No. 7 advent calendar 
Eye shadow 1.5g
This is in a golden colour which has some glitter but it isn't too overpowering. 
It has a nice shimmer and is creamy on application with little fallout. I
 really like it but dislike that there is no shade identified on the bottom of the pot so I have to do investigation work to find out shade grrrr.
From what I have just seen though I can't find the shade but I think it is from one of their trio eyeshadow palettes.

Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar
Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle
Another slam dunk from youbeauty as this is a great candle with a beautiful scent which smells really relaxing. 
As the paper says this candle is worth £16 and on the other side of the paper there was a voucher for £10 with no minimum spend. Wow.
I very quickly bought the instant inner strength rollerball with the voucher code and I am rather amazed that one door is worth more than one half of the cost of whole advent calendar. 
As you can tell I like this selection today.

There are my offerings from my advent calendar and today my order of awesomeness is:
1. Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar 
2. No.7 advent calendar 
3. Benefit advent calendar 
4. The body shop advent calendar 
5. Yankee candle advent calendar 

A great day. Roll on tomorrow.
Hope you are having a lovely day.


Last years entry is here if anyone wants to do a comparison with last year's YBD. I prefer this year.

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