14 December 2014

Day 14 advent calendar

Today's advent calendar picks are a bit meh for me today but all are useful to me, but one, and I like opening the calendars as it is exciting and I knew that eventually I would get a meh day. Unfortunately it is going to be that day today.

The body shop advent calendar 
Vitamin E sink in moisture mask 
I think for some the idea of a sheet mask from the body shop might appeal but for me it is a little meh as I have so many Korean sheet masks and the packet of this one looks small and you can't feel much essence moving around. Doesn't feel promising and I prefer hydrogel anyhow.

Benefit advent calendar 
2014 advent hair tie (charm)
Another hair tie is always useful but I am not overjoyed at this offering.
It has a cute golden bow charm and will be used but feels a bit young to me.

No.7 advent calendar 
Completely quenched moisturising body lotion 40ml
Another product that has a cologne like scent and isn't that thick and feels slightly greasy when I try it out on my hand. Not sure how well it will work on my skin and although it says it will work all day I will have to try it and see if it is true.

Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar
John Frieda luxurious volume blow dry lotion
According to the packaging this gives extra volume to the hair and that is the one thing I don't need. My hair is naturally thick and flyaway so I might give this to someone else.

Yankee candle advent calendar 
I can't really smell much from this tea light, perhaps because I am coming down with a cold. Or maybe there just isn't much scent.

Okay so there are my products today and for me it is the worst so far and my order of preference is:
1. Benefit
2. The body shop
3. No.7
4. Youbeautydiscovery 
5. Yankee candles

See you tomorrow.

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