5 December 2014

Holy Grail Bath Oil

Somethings are just amazing and for me this is the first product that I have ever come across at this price range, maybe any price range, where I could not do without it.
Usually I am a take it or leave itgirls in terms of products but this is a product that if I am having problems sleeping always does the job of relaxing me and helps solve my insomnia.

This is the Aroma Works Serenity Bath Oil and it contains contains 100ml of bath oil.  
At this size this lasts a long time as a little goes a long way, my last bottle lasted over six months.
It is a relaxing and calming bath oil and is one of the only bath products which I have ever found that makes me want to fall asleep in the bath.

The bottle is glass and will look great on your vanity but I have to admit that for me the contents are one hundred million times better than the sophisticated packaging.
Inside the oil are these essential oils, among other ingredients:

Geranium which is calming and help to regulate emotionsand the hormones as well as calming the skin.
Lemongrass is an oil which is great for uplifting the mood
Lavender is good for calming and helping with stres and promoting sleep.
Neroli  (light) is used to help with stress and insomia
May Chang helps to give it a lemony scent

As you can see the product would be great to destress the body and mind and perhaps this mix of oils is why I love it so much.
These essential oils and the other ingredients leave it with a uplifting floral scent with a hint of lemon.

I suppose the only real downside to me of this product is the price. It costs £34.50 for the bottle but is well worth it for six months of use, as I only use it once or twice a week.
But despite that price I would definitely recommend it wholeheartedly and will buy it again in six months.

More info on Aroma Works can be found here.


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