2 December 2014

Memebox Special #63 Skincare Elixir

When I think of skin elixirs I think of serums and essences and ampoules so what I received in this box was surprising and when I saw the spoilers I wasn't too happy but having it here I quite like it.
This box had five items in it that ranged from twenty to forty four dollars and there was no filler products in here so that it is good.
Also all of them but one seem to show English ingredients either partially or in their entirety which is great as I am trying to find products that are not going to dry my skin out.
Now to show you what there was in the box:

ProYou Magic Silky Shiny Skin Essence 50ml
This is the only product type that I expected and according to the card it is a lightweight facial essence to smooth out rough skin and to add moisture and suppleness to your skin.
I am doing well with the ProYou eye cream from a previous box so I look forward to trying this.

Neogen Code9 Pore Tightening Aqua Cream 120ml ($44)
This product is a moisturiser which is used to tighten skin and smooth the skin by minimising the pores.
I seem to waging war on alcohol in skincare at the moment and this one has alcohol denat as the fifth ingredient in it which makes me wonder if it tightens the skin by drying it out. Water might be the first ingredient but this still worries me.
But I will try it out sometime or I might give it to someone who has skin which isn't as dry as mine is.
I certainly don't want my skin with less moisture than it already has.

Tosowoong Syn-ake Whitening Mist 100ml ($20)
This is the first of two Syn-ake products in this box.
The syn-ake products have a special complex in them that is enriched with a peptide which acts like snake venom and consists of EGf, galactomyces and bifida ferments. 
According to the card this alleviates sensitive skin and rejuvenates and strengthens dry skin.
Having tried it I can say that it seems to be cooling on the skin and has a slight  fresh, almost floral, scent. A great refreshing spray and feels great on my dry skin during this horrid winter weather and equally this would be great in the summer for refreshing my skin.

Tosowoong Syn-ake Wrinkle Free Lotion 100ml ($20)
As well as the mist we also receive this lotion that contains the same syn-ake complex and has the same effect as the mist in that it helps sensitive skin and also strengthens and rejuvenates dry dulled skin.
Perfect for me.

I have to admit though that the text on the front of the packs got my attention as there are three extracts on the front that I wondered what they did. 
They were Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract, Aronia Malenocarpa Fruit Extract and Blueberry Fruit Extract.

On searching I found that:
Oleracea Fruit Extract (Acai Palm) is an anti inflammotory and anti oxidant.
Aronia Malenocarpa Fruit Extract (Black Chokeberry) is good as an anti ageing ingredient.
 Blueberry Fruit Extract is another anti oxidant.
All nice things to have in a beauty product.

Shara Shara Green Oasis Lifting Eye Cream 30ml
According to the packaging this is a moisturising eye cream that soothes itching due to dryness and firms sagging skin around the mouth and eye areas. 
I certainly wasn't expecting eye creams in this box and certainly not from Sharashara which seems to be incredibly common in these boxes recently.
 I haven't tried it but looking at the ingredients doesn't actually make me want to rush out and try it as it is full of chemicals without anything green or natural, other than water, so far down the list that it is hardly a green oasis.
Add to that that I can make little sense of the ingredient list and it is far down the list of eye creams to use as I much prefer creams with nut/seed butters or milk type bases.

So, there is the box and the products look interesting and I am particularly looking forward to using the Tosowoong products in this box as well as the essence. Well worth the cost of the box.


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