18 December 2014

Day 18 advent calendar

So, thankfully with this post I am up to date with my advent calendars even though I am feeling like I should sleep all the time. I hope you all feel better than I do at the moment and like these posts.
So, here are my day 18 goodies:

Youbeautydiscovery advent calendar 
John masters lavender Rosemary shampoo for normal hair 30ml
John Masters citrus & neroli detangler 30ml
The shampoo has a herbal scent and I won't use it and to be honest the detangler isn't much better. Not sure I will use either.

Yankee candle advent calendar 
Another cookie tea light again today and this one has a strong scent of vanilla.

Benefit advent calendar
That gal primer 7.5ml
This feels lovely on my skin and gives a nice sheen and feels like a moisturising cream to apply.
Although it has a beige colour when I dispense it onto my skin it blends in nicely and leaves it feeling silky soft.
A nice product.

No.7 advent calendar 
Eyeshadow single
This is a pale cream eyeshadow which is an exact match to the skin tone on my hand. Would be great as a base for my eye make up and even a concealer at a pinch, lol. But it is smooth on application and has a slight shimmer.

The body shop advent calendar 
Body lily
This is perfect for us as we use them in the bath but I have to admit that we do have a lot to use now. It is a nice thing to get though.

There are today's choices and to be honest I like all but the youbeautydiscovery choice. My order of preference is:
1. Benefit
2. No.7
3. The body shop 
4. Yankee candle 
5. Youbeautydiscovery 

Have a lovely day.


  1. Ohh I will have to get a new body lily soon actually! ^ ^


    1. the body lilys are really nice tbh and if using body wash they are really nice. Especially nice if you are using body washes in shower or bath too as they make it bubble up really nicely.