4 December 2014

Lip Glam review

When Birchbox sends product in my Birchbox most get used and I like them. 
But occassionally I get one that I am completely in love with and this is one of those products I will be buying more of in the Birchbox shop.

Lipglam is 100% natural lip balm that is paraben free and made from medical grade ultra pure lanolin and fragrance and colour free.

I have been using LipGlam for the last couple of weeks and I really love it. It can be a little sticky on application and it is rather thick but as it is lanolin it is hardly surprising that it is thick.
But it feels soft on the lips and blends in well.
I really like it though and will buying more and perhaps trying it on the other areas that it can used according to the packaging such as on the cuticles or on my dry elbows.
 It is a 12ml tube and costs £9.99 on the Birchbox shop here.
A lovely product for the winter and as a little goes a long way it is a good investment.


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