1 December 2014

Memebox Superbox #73 F/W Natural Makeup

I seem to be bouncing back and forth between old and new Memeboxes to review and today I will review one that I only received a few hours ago and this is the fall/winter natural make up which arrived with my Skincare Elixir box.
It has six items as listed below:

Tonymoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara 03 Clear Circle 8.5g ($4) 
This is a clear mascara to apply when you don't want to wear normal mascara  but you want volume and shine. Plus it can also be used over the top of your normal mascara to add extra oomph.

Mustaev Color Powder Starlight Opal 2.5g ($22)
This is a multi use pigment made from pearl powder which is in a glittery silver colour. It can be used on it's own or mixed with eyeshadows, lip glosses or creams. 
For me it would only be natural if you were trying to look like a Cullen, although it would be great for Christmas for parties.

ddung Lipstick DL10 Pure peach ($24)
This is a nice creamy lipstick in a neutral peach shade that is well pigmented so it  covers my lip colour well and has a satin sheen.

DD'ell Say Forever Gel Eye Pencil 04 Expresso 1.2g ($14)
This is an eye pencil, which I will give to my aunt as I don't use them.
According to the card it is a gel pencil that is smooth to apply and won't smudge or fade.

LadyKin Close Up Decuple Shimmering Primer 30ml ($12)
It is always nice to have a well known brand in the box but to me it is an odd addition to have this shimmery primer in a fall and winter box as the combination of a low sun and an icy ground means it may well light me up like a disco ball.
I have tried this on my hand and it has actual glitter in it and a baby lotion smell as well as the texture of a moisturising cream so I am not sure of how it will work as a primer.

Leporem Perfect Whitening Blemish Balm 35ml ($23)
The final item is a bb cream which offers sebum control and wrinkle care and gives smooth skin according to the card. As I can't see whether it has SPF I can't tell you how well it protects against the sun though so I may well use this only in the winter when I have less use for SPF here in sunny old Birmingham.

Here are the swatches of the lipstick and the eyeshadow. 
I found that on my hand that the pigment shed like crazy so you would need a primer under it or to mix it with a cream eyeshadow.
The lipstick is a nice shade and does last well on the lips but for me it is more a spring summer shade not autumn and winter as for me the cold nights mean dark red, berry lipsticks or purples.

So, there is my f/w box and although it isn't amazing, as in oh my I want that now, it is full of products that most can use and will suit most people.
I do wish it had a neutral palette though as that would have been amazing.



  1. Ouch that's not such a good box for my pale skin. Glad I got the previous f/w colour box . Glad the lippy is good on you

    1. I think that the shimmer/glitter will be better in the spring summer for me, the same as the lippy. Alternatively the pigment might go to my family friend's daughters who are just getting into makeup as they like shimmer lol