2 December 2014

Mio Double Buff

As part of my latest in beauty Dream box II box I received the Double Buff exfoliator.
I have to admit that I wasn't sure what I would think as I have never used an exfoliator which was purely an exfoliator before, my Soap & Glory cleanser had exfoliating beads in it, so I was wondering whether this would be too rough on my skin.
But below are my thoughts.

This is in rather simple packaging and is a good size at 50ml (full sized is 150ml and costs £23). 

It has both a manual as well as a chemical exfoliator in the product and the chemical exfoliation is performed by papaya and pineapple extracts and the manual exfoliation is performed by Pumice and micro Volcanic Lava with the face polisher being provided by Bamboo Stem extract.

The other ingredients also add to the good qualities in the product with Organic Shea butter moisturising the skin and while that ingredient moisturises the organic sweet almond oil helps to soothe and protect the skin.
Then the fig extract helps to balance the skin and keep it soft and supple.
So it is full of good ingredients and looking at their no nasties policy here makes me like the product even more.

The exfoliating particles within it are very small so it isn't too bitty but there are still enough to make it extremely effective. 
It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean and did such a great job the first time that when I got some on my lip accidentally it left the lips feeling smoother than they had for a long while.

There is a definite scent of citrus from this product, I assume it is from their signature blend of oils that are added to their products, but it definitely isn't an  intrusive scent. It is revitalising and for me it attracts rather than repels me.

It definitely is a great product for me though as it seems that the double dose of exfoliation leaves my soft and smooth and ready for the next stage in my skin care routine.
A great product and I will buy a full sized product when it runs out but as a little goes a long way it won't be needed for a while.


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  1. Love that they didn't add unnecessary potential irritants. Not bad at all! Seems pretty useful. Thanks for blogging up a review ;)